Women Must Know! Here are 9 Tips That Can Reduce Hair Loss

PR INDRAMAYU – Hair loss is a common problem for women. This is due to several factors, either from shampoo or perhaps an irregular lifestyle.

Most people never get to the root cause hair fall out and start reacting only when it is too late.

Possible causes of loss hair caused by dandruff, prolonged illness, inadequate diet, stress, heredity, insufficient diet, no treatment program hair, type of water and shampoo used.

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Later, climate change also caused hair loss and especially at this time of year when a lot of people seem to be having problems hair fall out the same, it is important to care for hair You and what better way to do it than naturally.

Quoted PikiranRakyat-Indramayu.com From the FoodNdtv site here are 9 tips to reduce hair loss hair.

1. Use pure almond oil to reduce the loss. Can be routinized every two weeks.

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2. Eat raw foods such as cabbage, tomatoes, celery, spinach, cauliflower, fruits and lots of green vegetables.


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