Thinking it was unused, this man carried a lamppost but was finally arrested by the police

FLORIDA, – A man on United States of America ( AS) who reckless brought lamppost on top of his car was finally arrested Police with accusations theft massive.

The man named Douglas Allen Hatley (71) was asked to pull over by the police on Monday (11/16/2020) on a Tampa highway because he was caught carrying a street light pole tied to the roof of his car.

Initially, the police received reports from another driver that a maroon Toyota Camry was carrying a street light pole that was longer than the length of the car.

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The arrest of the man from Florida, USA, was conveyed by the Florida Highway Patrol as quoted from Fox News, Thursday (19/11/2020).

According to police, Hatley said he found the metal lamppost lying on the side of the road.

Thinking that the lamppost was not used, Hatley took the initiative to take it and then sell it.

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On the other hand, Tampa Bay Times reported that a maintenance worker reported to the police that a street light pole had been stolen.

Then, Hatley said he did not know that taking an unused lamppost on the side of the road was an illegal act.

Nevertheless, Hatley was still arrested and charged with massive theft.

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She was detained on bail of US $ 2,000 (Rp.28 million). A passenger who was with Hatley inside car not fined.

Meanwhile, prison records did not include a lawyer for Hatley, so no one could be asked for additional comment.

Hatley himself appears to have a substantial criminal record and has been arrested 48 times in Florida since 1971.

He was arrested on a variety of charges such as massive theft, robbery, and probation offenses, citing Florida criminal records.

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