The jumping fans were surprised by the green line. What happened there?

Green line in ski jumping allows you to judge how far a competitor should jump to take the lead in the competition. Or rather, it should show, because the system had huge problems during the individual competition on Sunday. Fans watching the competition in front of their televisions could at one point feel surprised and confused when a jumper landing far in front of the green line suddenly took the lead or vice versa.

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“Green Line Died”

First, the “to beat” system went completely crazy at the beginning of the competition, when Paweł Wasek he was supposed to jump more than 120 meters to take the lead and the green line showed he should jump about 100. Then the line showed completely inadequate results and then it stopped in one place for several long minutes. Regardless of whether the jumper flew farther or closer, it was still in one position.

The matter was quickly noticed by the organizers of the WW Vistulawho reported it to the Swiss Timing company, which manages all the equipment responsible for the measurements at the World Cup on the hill. So it was not a mistake of the Polish producer. – This line is on the side of Swiss Timing, which handles the competition. Some technical defect must have happened – said Agnieszka Baczkowska, the head of the competition in Wisła.

Over 50 thousand fans at the stadium! No restrictions. Coronavirus under control

Such a lottery that the system went crazy

We tried to determine what influenced such big problems in the graphic implementation of the competition and, on the basis of information from several sources, we concluded that the biggest problems could be caused by even catastrophic conditions in the first seriesthat changed like in a kaleidoscope. Definitely more often and faster than usual.

There are many indications that the system simply did not keep up with counting points and transferring them to graphics systems. And the wind was able to change its force by 1 m / s second in just a few seconds. And if the competitor started from the beam at a speed of 1.8 m / s into the skis, and during the inrun, the wind decreased by 1 m / s, this translated into over 10 points more. In fact, the competitor had to jump shorter than the green line, the display of which stops when the competitor leaves the threshold.

As a result, such quick changes could cause the whole system to stop, which at some point went completely crazy and stopped showing any changes. The bigger problems with the green line ended in the second series, which was already played under much fairer conditions.

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Wisła has collected such big congratulations for the first time

However, there were no problems in Wisła with the landing jump. And for the first time in the history of the inauguration, the organizers did not collect the strings for the not well prepared landing. Well, there were even so many congratulations that our conversation with Agnieszka Baczkowska we had to delay for a few minutes as there was always someone coming over and congratulating us.

– I hope the congratulations were sincere – laughed Baczkowska. And she added: “The whole weekend was very positive. Regarding all these inaugurations it was definitely the best but not the easiest because of the wind. The hill was so well prepared that we didn’t have much work and even the last day we had to jump down. and the difficult run with the counter run remained in good condition. This year there were no complaints, on the contrary. We heard congratulations from the players and coaches. ”

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Markus Eisenbichler won the Sunday individual competition, becoming the first leader of the general classification of the new season. The best of Poles turned out to be Piotr Żyła, who took fifth place >>

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