Coronavirus, latest news: in Italy 28,337 new infections, with 188,747 swabs, +43 intensive care. 562 the victims


The percentage of positives with respect to the swabs carried out was 15%

Coronavirus: November 22 Bulletin – Today’s data

The percentage of positives with respect to the swabs carried out was 15%

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In Italy in the last 24 hours there have been 28,337 new infections (34,767 yesterday), with 188,747 swabs (down compared to yesterday, 237,225); the victims were 562, for a total of 49,823 since the beginning of the epidemic. The percentage of positives with respect to the swabs was 15% (yesterday 14.7%). There are 3,801 hospitalized in intensive care (yesterday 3,758, an increase of 43). 34,279 patients are hospitalized with symptoms, compared to 34,063 yesterday. 767,867 people are in home isolation, while yesterday they were 753,925. The total of the currently positive is 805,947 (yesterday 791,746), while the discharged / recovered are 553,098, compared to yesterday’s 539,524. The total cases since the beginning of the epidemic are 1,498,868.

In the Regions

The region with the greatest number of new infections continues to be Lombardy (5,094), but with a significant decrease compared to yesterday (8,853). In second place Campania (3,217), followed by Veneto (2,956), Emilia-Romagna (2,665) and Piedmont (2,641). The region with the least new infections is Molise (93).


In Emilia-Romagna 2,665 new infections and another 38 victims

The number of new coronavirus infections in Emilia-Romagna is 2,665 positive on just over 13 thousand swabs in the last 24 hours. The average age is 45. The proportion of victims of Covid-19 is also increasing in the region, 38 people, including a 45-year-old man. The toll is high in the province of Modena, with 16 of the 38 dead, including a centenarian woman. The pressure on hospital departments does not decrease in the region: there are 8 more hospitalizations in intensive care, for a total of 249 patients, while another 72 people have entered the other Covid departments (for a total of 2,666). The contagion situation sees the province of Bologna in the lead with 562 new cases in 24 hours, followed by Modena with 471, Reggio Emilia with 353, then Rimini (340), Ravenna (214), Piacenza (183), Parma (129) , and Ferrara (112). The area of ​​Forlì (102), Imola (107) and Cesena (92).



Lazio, over 100 thousand cases, average age 45 years

In Lazio more than 100 thousand total cases since the beginning of the pandemic. The average age is 45; the positives are equally divided between males (50%) and females (50%). According to today’s bulletin, 72% were identified by screening activities and 28% by diagnostic suspicion tests. Patients with symptoms are 3.2% and those in intensive care are 0.3%. the currently positive are 80%, of which 96% in home isolation, the deceased are 1.9% and 18% are cured.

In Sardinia 404 new cases and 10 deaths

In the latest update of the Regional Crisis Unit, 404 new cases of Covid 19 positivity are recorded in Sardinia, 251 detected through screening activities and 153 from suspected diagnosis. Ten deaths (389 in all): 6 men and 4 women, aged between 58 and 89 years. The victims: 5 residents in the province of Sassari, 3 in the province of Southern Sardinia and 2 in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari. In total 347,631 swabs were performed with an increase of 3,932 tests. On the other hand, 503 patients are currently hospitalized in non-intensive wards (one less than yesterday’s figure), while the number of patients in intensive care is stable at 70. There are 11,610 people in home isolation. The progressive number of positive cases includes 5,856 (+129) patients recovered, plus another 65 clinically recovered. On the territory, of 18,493 positive cases ascertained overall since the beginning of the emergency, 3,866 (+83) were detected in the Metropolitan City of Cagliari, 2,923 (+62) in Southern Sardinia, 1,568 (+102) in Oristano, 3,128 (+ 23) in Nuoro, 7.008 (+134) in Sassari.

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