FDP requests not to reactivate the railway

Christian Sluiters (Photo: privat)

Neukirchen-Vluyn. In the last election campaign, the Free Democrats already campaigned for an attitude to reactivate the Lower Rhine Railway. For several reasons, the FDP Neukirchen-Vluyn rejects the further pursuit of the SPD and Greens’ rail dreams. Now the FDP council group has applied for the next urban development committee to cease all efforts to reactivate the railway with immediate effect. In doing so, the Free Democrats are complying with the will of their voters and keeping their first election promise.

The previous results on reactivation show that the city of Neukirchen-Vluyn cannot currently afford to reactivate the Niederrheinbahn. Funding is provided by the federal and state governments, but given the estimates made so far, there are still large sums left that would have to be financed by the city budget. “This money is currently not available. We already have our backs to the wall due to the pandemic, ”explains Benjamin Lampmann as a knowledgeable citizen and parliamentary group manager. Even the plans for reactivation are already so high that the city would have to cut back significantly on other investments. These already amount to a high six-figure amount that remains even after funding. The Free Democrats are particularly critical of the SPD and CDU when it comes to the railway issue. “The SPD promises people to implement the railway and would like to use the costs from, among other things, one-off proceeds from the marketing of the Neukirchener Ring. There have already been complaints about the reduction in social benefits in recent years. Now the city may receive additional funds through the development of the area, which we can invest in education and social affairs, but then the SPD would like to throw these funds out of the window again. In the past there have already been enough reports from our resident social associations and institutions that more support would be desirable ”, says Christian Sluiters, as parliamentary group chairman, very disappointed about the vehemence of the SPD Neukirchen-Vluyn.

All signs are also on the edge of other points. The Niederrheinbahn is only worthwhile with a direct connection to Duisburg. The signal box in Moers would have to be rebuilt to get to the station. According to the first drawings, buildings have to be demolished for this, which will again turn the cost screw. The city of Moers does not actually want to contribute to the costs. According to the report, reactivation for pure commuting to Moers is not worthwhile. In addition, the protests are getting louder along the route and residents oppose the railway plans. From the perspective of the Free Democrats, rightly so, because reactivation would result in people losing a considerable part of their wealth and corresponding health problems. “At this point we criticize the attitude of the CDU. In the past, they did not write a clear “No” to the Niederrheinbahn, although it was already clear internally that they actually did not want to support the plans. In the end, the plans for Neukirchener Ring were also overturned by the CDU and the Greens, so that the question of possible financing continues to arise. We expect the CDU to make a clear statement and vote in the upcoming urban development committee. CDU voters have the right to have their party set a clear point with “yes” or “no” ”, says Benjamin Lampmann. “The tactics of the CDU in relation to the talks with the Greens must come to an end in the upcoming urban development committee,” says Christian Sluiters.

With regard to climate protection, the impairment of traffic by rail is also to be viewed critically. “When trains run through our city, vehicles have to stop at level crossings. This leads to considerable restrictions on inner-city traffic, especially in the Vluyner urban area. This is not environmentally friendly, because we know from experience that not everyone switches off their engine, ”says Benjamin Lampmann.

Benjamin Lampmann, as a knowledgeable citizen, will present and justify the application for the Niederrheinbahn in the urban development committee on November 25, 2020.


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