Corona cases boom, US medical journals ask Donald Trump to leave the White House, fed up with the President’s attitude that underestimates Covid-19 – All pages


US President Donald Trump when removing the mask on arrival at the White House, Monday (5/10/2020) evening local time.

Gridhot.IDUS President Donald Trump repeatedly belittled corona virus and ignore social distancing.

Trump even took off face mask when arriving at White House after a few days of treatment for the consequences positive Covid-19.

Quoting Reuters, Trump said that was infected corona virus merukapan’blessings from God’.

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“I think this is a blessing from God that I caught. This is a blessing in disguise,” Trump said.

The New England Journal of Medicine (7/10/2020) made the US public excited by publishing an editorial written by its editorial team.

The journal condemns the Trump administration for its response to Covid-19 and calls for Trump not to be re-elected during the election.

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“We rarely publish editorials that are signed by all editors,” said Dr. Eric Rubin, editor-in-chief of medical journals and author of a new editorial quoted from CNN.

According to Rubin, the editorial drafted in August details how the US leads the world in the total Covid-19 cases and deaths.

So far, more than 7.5 million people in the US have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and more than 200,000 people have died from the disease.

“This crisis has produced a test of leadership. In the absence of good options to combat new pathogens, countries are forced to make difficult choices about how to respond.”

“Here in the United States, our leaders have failed that test. They have experienced a crisis and turned it into a tragedy,” read the editorial.

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CNN reported, the editorial did not support a candidate.

However, the editorial provided scathing criticism of the Trump administration’s leadership during the pandemic.

“Anyone who recklessly wastes life and money in this way will suffer legal consequences.”

“Our leaders mostly claim impunity for their actions. But this election gives us the power to judge,” said the editorial.

“In responding to the greatest public health crisis of our time, our current political leaders have demonstrated that they are grossly incompetent.”

“We should not support them and allow the death of thousands of other Americans by letting them keep their jobs.”

The New England Journal of Medicine began publication in 1812.

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Only 4 previous editorials were collectively signed by their editors: one in 2014 on contraception; obituaries in the same year for former editor-in-chief; editorial that year on the 2019 standard of care and editorial research on abortion.

“The reason we never publish an editorial on elections is because we are not a political journal and I don’t think we want to be a political journal – but the problem here is around facts, not opinions.”

“There are lots of mistakes that are not only stupid but reckless and I think we want people to realize that there is truth here, not just opinions,” Rubin said.

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