Controversy Erupts in Spain over AI-Generated Nude Photos of Minors

Controversy Erupts in Spain over AI-Generated Nude Photos of Minors

Once adolescentes reported in Spain the circulation of naked photographs of themselves created with an artificial intelligence application, a case that has sparked a heated debate in the country.

“We now have eleven statements from victims” who are minors in the town of Almendralejo (Extremadura, southwest), a police spokeswoman explained to AFP.

The alleged authors of these images, who in some cases were identified, “have manipulated photos of girls, minors,” superimposing their faces on naked bodies “of other people,” he added.

According to another police source, the fake images They were generated using an artificial intelligence (AI) application capable of producing highly realistic photomontages.

“These are very serious, very serious behaviors, and there should be no impunity even if they are manipulated images,” the acting Minister of Justice, Pilar Llop, told the press.

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investigation opened

The investigation was opened for an alleged crime of invasion of privacy. The Spanish prosecutor’s office indicated that the crime of child pornography could also be considered, given the age of the victims.

According to the Spanish media, around twenty girls could have been victims of these manipulated photos.

Artificial intelligence is causing growing concern around the world over its possible malicious uses, such as in the case of pornographic “deepfakes.”

According to a 2019 study by Dutch artificial intelligence company Sensity, 96% of fake videos online are non-consensual pornography and the majority of them feature women.

Fuente: AFP

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