Color Campus Returns to Dijon: Join the Vibrant Race and Festivities!

Color Campus Returns to Dijon: Join the Vibrant Race and Festivities!

The 8th edition of the “Color Campus” will soon begin in Dijon!

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The press release can be found below:

“A 4-kilometer loop will be offered to students, future students and outsiders to discover the campus through a colorful animation, each at their own pace!

Registration costs €10: this includes an URGO welcome bag, a CROUS meal, SMERRA sunglasses, a white University of Burgundy flocked t-shirt, an ecocup, a Polaroid souvenir photo and a concert Free. Payment is made online on a secure site or on site on Wednesday September 20 and Thursday September 21 on the Erasme esplanade. Registration and payment are done online on the HelloAsso website. The t-shirt and glasses collection stand will open from 10 a.m. Wednesday and Thursday.

The musical entertainment will begin around 4 p.m. with the Institut agro sup Dijon. A preliminary warm-up will be carried out with music by SUAPS teachers. »

Waves of 250 people every 15 minutes

“After a collective warm-up carried out by the SUAPS on the Erasme esplanade, the races will start at 4:15 p.m. with departures in waves of 250 people every 15 minutes. They will set off on a marked path to discover the campus, receive mini projections of colored and edible pigments, and take part in obstacles (crawling in the sand, nets, tunnels, “sliding stomach”, and inflatable structure…) .

At the end of the course, all participants will be gathered for the “final bouquet” which consists of throwing colored powder (edible cornstarch and certified for this type of event) all at the same time on the esplanade. A meal will be offered to you by CROUS Dijon, LBFC du Sport U, ASUB and SUAPS at the finish of the race. A concert will be put on by the Athénéum and Radio Campus to continue the evening of festivity! »

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