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Concorde on the Thames: The Bold Plan to Turn a Supersonic Jet into a Tourist Attraction in Central London

Nov. 30 2023 16:07 – Updated Nov 30 2023 16:39

A full-size plane as a tourist attraction in the middle of central London? Madness? Yes, but then we are talking about Concorde.

Younger readers can click on this link to understand what Concorde was all about.

But a group of aviation enthusiasts have started fundraising in a bold bid to bring London Heathrow’s Concorde into central London to turn it into a real tourist attraction. Aerotimes.com

The group behind the project, called “Concorde on the Thames”, is trying to raise funds to revive the supersonic jet to its former glory and display the plane on a platform floating above the River Thames.

According to the campaigners, the Concorde which today stands at London-Heathrow Airport has been completely stripped of its interior and is desperate to secure its new life so that the public can enjoy the incredible aircraft.

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Concorde flight at Sola Airport in 1996. Photo: NTB scanpix. Read more Close

Concorde i center

The group trying to raise £1m – NOK 13 million – to cover three planning applications which are necessary to ensure that the jet has the correct documentation and expertise in place to be able to be moved.

The plane currently at Heathrow is known as Concorde Alpha Bravo, and has been there since August 2000.

The team behind Concorde on the Thames hope to gain support from politicians, business leaders and a global Concorde fraternity. Despite the accident on 25 July 2000, the enthusiasts are still to be found everywhere.

Visitors will be able to enter and sit down

Plans for the exhibition in central London, near Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, include a two-deck platform, allowing visitors to enter from the riverside on the lower deck with Concorde perched above.

In addition to seeing the aircraft from the outside, visitors will be able to enter and sit down as if they were about to take off for a supersonic flight to New York.

It is not the first time a project has been launched to move a Concorde to central London. But unfortunately for many, previous attempts have ended in failure. With a new group of aviation enthusiasts taking up the fight, promoters hope that anything will still be possible.

Except to bring the Concorde project back to life.

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