The Disintegration of the Country: A Political Scientist’s Perspective

“The country is in disintegration and it is no secret to anyone. It does not function at the level of the National Assembly, nor at the level of the Metropolitan Municipal Council, institutions, state administration… everything is blocked. Let us hope that out of chaos always comes order, and out of this chaos that we are witnessing right now, a new, healthy beginning will be born for us to recover to move forward politically and economically.” Kaloyan Metodiev, a political scientist and former chief of the president’s office, commented on this in the program “Crossroads”.
According to him, every administration has an alternative and that is decided by the citizens, in case we have fair elections. “At the moment we are seeing a unique situation: the governing coalition, the so-called “assembly”, which is intolerable in itself and in an internal governance war. At the same time, we have two types of opposition – one is cationic, which is part of the assembly, I mean “Vazrazhdane” and ITN, which today, after the vote in the parliament, was clearly seen to be serving DPS and GERB”, he added.

According to him, for the first time in the Bulgarian history of the 240-member parliament, we have only 20 opposition MPs, and only they offer any alternative to the so-called “assembly”. Metodiev pointed out that it is precisely in the key votes that one can see who the real coalition is.
According to the political scientist, GERB leader Boyko Borisov is currently “selling the party to pieces to save himself”. “In the local elections in 1/3 of the regional cities, he did not nominate candidates, but supported others, played in close cooperation with President Radev, behind the scenes as always, bought people from other parties, financed internal oppositions, engaged in political engineering, bought off patriots, as he has always done in the last 18 years”, Metodiev believes.

Regarding the difficulties in choosing the chairman of the SOS, the political scientist also said that GERB will not easily give up power in Sofia after these years, which the party has turned into a “quasi-mafia government”. According to him, Borisov is currently exhausting the Metropolitan Municipal Council, so that at some point he can make “another assembly with these 14 municipal councilors that he has left.”

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2023-11-30 16:04:00

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