Colombian Influencer ‘Marce the Recycler’ victim of theft in Santa Marta hotel

Facts of insecurity continue to affect Colombians at the national level. This time, the new victim of the criminals was Sara Samaniegobetter known in the world of social media as ‘Marce the recycler’.

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They stole two phones, the speaker, a microphone and my agenda

The young woman, who is in Santa Marta Fulfilling the dream of five recyclers to see the sea, he was the victim of insecurity on behalf of a criminal who, in a few seconds, stole his material belongings.

Through his official account Instagram, ‘Marce the recycler’ published the video captured by the security cameras of the place, where the exact moment is observed when a man with a red shirt and shorts He approaches her from behind and steals her at the hotel door.

The influencer did not realize that the thief was following her and could not defend herself to prevent the robbery. In the pictures, she is seen when struggle with the offender, who takes a suitcase with two cell phones and various valuables, Sara explained. “They stole two phones, the speaker, a microphone and my agenda.”

Sara Samaniego’s moments of anguish at the hotel

Unfortunately the hotel was not so supportive and even though it was inside the hotel they did not want to assume any responsibility

The Colombian YouTuber recounted the moments of anguish she experienced on the night of this Wednesday June 7, at the entrance of a well-known hotel in the city of Santa Marta and described the sadness he felt in the midst of the project he is carrying out with his foundation.

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Sara Samaniego affirmed, through a series of videos, that the hotel where he is staying did not provide necessary help at the time of the robbery and explained that they did not assume any type of responsibility.

“Unfortunately the hotel was not so supportive and even though it was inside the hotel they did not want to assume any responsibility (…) Fortunately he did not stab me or anything, but when he pulled me I hurt my arm a lot And right now it hurts a lot to move it,” said the young woman.

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According to his version delivered, the Police of the city of Santa Marta patrolled the surrounding areas to the scene, to find the whereabouts of the thief who appears in the images of the security cameras, but they were unsuccessful in their search.

His belongings were stolen at the entrance of the hotel


Instagram: marcelarecicadora

Finally, ‘Marce the recycler’ He sent a message blunt to the person who took his suitcase on Wednesday night and expressed that ‘it’s not the way to survive’.

“It makes me very angry that this is happening in our country, that there is so much inequality. I know that if someone steals, he doesn’t do it because he wants to hurt the other, but because he has no other way to survive, but that does not justify anything, because one can work for what one wants. If thieves are seeing me, don’t do it because you don’t know the damage it does to people, understand that that will be returned”, finished the YouTuber.

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