Charlotte Gainsbourg is preparing a documentary on Jane Birkin

For three years, the girl has followed her mother on her travels, concerts and interviews. A family project for which the release date has not yet been revealed.

Charlotte Gainsbourg has been following her mother for three years, camera in hand. A documentary on the life and memories of Jane Birkin should thus see the light of day. In Paris Match , the one who was Serge Gainsbourg’s muse for a long time evokes this family film, without specifying when it will be ready to be broadcast. “It’s so happy to share this project, she rejoices. I never imagined that she was so curious about me. I knew the great place that Serge had in her life, as well as the grief and the pain she experienced. But I didn’t think she wanted to know so much about me.»

His daughter now films Jane Birkin at concerts or on getaways, and little by little tries to tell it. The shooting began during a stay in Japan and continued in dotted lines, from New York – where Charlotte Gainsbourg lives – to Paris via Finistère where the singer likes to escape. Jane Birkin is particularly attached to the land of the Abers, where her father, Royal Navy officer David Birkin, had organized the recovery of English pilots during World War II alongside the Breton resistance fighters.

«Real complicity»

Charlotte Gainsbourg prepared for a long time before soliciting the secrets of her mother. “She spent a lot of time on her research, it created a real bond between us and it really touched me, continues Jane Birkin in Paris Match. It was also an excuse to be together, because we had been apart for six years. She had needed to go to New York after Kate died and I understood that very well. But I fell ill, I couldn’t go see her …»

Jane Birkin’s eldest daughter, photographer Kate Barry, died in 2012. In 2018, the actress and singer spoke of this personal drama on France Inter. “I was pretty sure of myself as a mom, she said. It’s ridiculous but I was thinking, I know what to do, I know how to feed them, I know how to massage them, I know how to cuddle them …This fragile certainty collapses with the loss of Kate. “When my daughter died, I lost that confidence, so I didn’t know what to do», She explains.

This documentary project now strengthens the links between Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg. “Kate was my first child, recalled the first in Cine-TV-Revue, early December. Charlotte was my second. She wonders if she was loved the same, we had less time alone. Maybe this documentary film is actually a great excuse to be just between us, two. And I don’t want it to stop.»

For her part, Charlotte Gainsbourg has long wanted to honor the work of her parents, a legendary couple from the 1970s. The French actress and singer has long considered opening 5 bis, rue de Verneuil in Paris to the general public, where lived his father. The home of the interpreter of Javanese has remained as it is since his death in 1991.



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