Jane Birkin ‘is doing well’ after minor stroke

British singer Jane Birkin has had a minor stroke, but is doing well, her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg assures. The manager of 74-year-old Birkin announced on Tuesday that the British singer had had a minor stroke, and therefore had to cancel the American cinema film festival in Deauville. Birkin was announced to speak there at the […]

Patrick Bruel makes his request at the Maison de la Truffe; Charlotte Gainsbourg leaves New York and finds Yvan; Kanye West & Kim Kardashian don’t divorce for money, Stéphane Plaza goes out in tutu

Patrick Bruel remarries According to Public, Patrick Bruel (61 years old) asked for the hand of his partner Clémence (27 years old) during a stay in his villa in Vaucluse. He would have made his marriage proposal “in a small restaurant perched on the heights of the Lubéron”, the Maison de la truffe. It seems […]

Charlotte Gainsbourg: “Before making a film, I wait for love at first sight!”

INTERVIEW – In “Suzanna Andler” by Benoît Jacquot, in theaters this Wednesday, Charlotte Gainsbourg plays a character born from the imagination of Marguerite Duras, at the end of the 1960s. A distraught wife that the actress has appropriated under the direction by director Benoît Jacquot. Interview by Jérôme Vermelin – 2021-06-02T16:25:25.257+02:00 It is the story […]

Charlotte Gainsbourg on a mysterious trip to New York

Crdits photo : Capture d’cran YouTube Charlotte Gainsbourg still shines as much! Eight months after its release, the singer continues to exploit the sublime “Rest”, album crossed by the specters of her father Serge and her sister Kate. While restrained, Charlotte unveiled eleven perfect songs, both poignant and powerful, like “Lying With You” or “Deadly […]

Charlotte Gainsbourg: “I mourned my father very badly”

We run into her in the street, near the meeting place. A thin black figure (pants, jacket, T-shirt) tries without result to push forward a tiny white dog. At the end of the leash, Rita, a 2 month old baby bull terrier, newcomer to Charlotte Gainsbourg’s life. They took half an hour to travel a […]

Charlotte Gainsbourg’s secrets: her daughter Alice and her life in New York

Charlotte comes out of the water, she spent the day at sea with her three children and Yvan (Yvan Attal, his companion, Editor’s note). She laughs a lot, with a childish laugh, very cheerful. She laughs at herself, her fears, admires the beauty and tranquility of her eldest daughter, Alice, tells how she tries to […]

Charlotte Gainsbourg is preparing a documentary on Jane Birkin

For three years, the girl has followed her mother on her travels, concerts and interviews. A family project for which the release date has not yet been revealed. Charlotte Gainsbourg has been following her mother for three years, camera in hand. A documentary on the life and memories of Jane Birkin should thus see the […]

Yvan Attal, an expert in New York on Canal +

Between Broadway and Wall Street, the actor and director rewinds his ideal filmography. He looks like one of those little Sempé characters lost between buildings, crunching their noses in the air. Yvan Attal walks along the Hudson, drives a yellow cab, talks about his passion for New York and the masterpieces that have been shot […]