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CDU: Merz and Spahn mess around with the question of chair

Merz answers the question of party leadership only indirectly

Former Union faction leader Friedrich Merz has indicated his willingness to run for the CDU presidency. He was ready to take responsibility, said Merz on Thursday evening at a medium-sized business forum in Berlin. However, Merz did not respond directly to the moderator’s specific request as to whether he would run for the party presidency and the candidature for chancellor. The Vice President of the CDU Economic Council said that he expected a decision on personnel issues probably by the summer break.

At the same time, Merz emphasized: “We really have to carefully consider the combination and constellation in which we will go to the next Bundestag election.” There is also a day after: “We have to ensure that the Union stays together. That is not trivial. ”Those who are ready to take responsibility should now have time to discuss the future line-up. CDU chief Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer was right with the view that party presidency and chancellorship belong in one hand.

Merz said after his candidacy for party leadership in 2018, many would have found it strange if he didn’t think about it again. Talks are now being held with each other and with the party leader. He had a conversation next week with Kramp-Karrenbauer, who was entitled to “lead this process”. All interested parties have one thing in common: “We want to ensure that the Union emerges stronger from this party convention, which is now necessarily taking place. I want to make my contribution. “

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