Hospital workers were less likely to get corona after flu shot due to ‘trained immune response’

<div id="inzetafbeelding" style="margin-right:10px; width:100%;" title=" An elderly man gets a flu shot in Berg en Dal. “> <a rel="nofollow" style="display:inline;" class="lightbox w-100" href="" title=" An elderly man gets a flu shot in Berg en Dal. (image anp / Flip Franssen) “> An elderly man gets a flu shot in Berg en Dal. (image anp / […]

Israeli doctor dispels myths popular among Russians about COVID-19 coronavirus

Israeli doctor Boris Bril, who specializes in the treatment of coronavirus, dispelled the myths about the infection that exist in Russia. According to him, first of all, Russian doctors make the wrong diagnosis. This is reported by “Actual News”. According to the doctor, coronavirus is primarily a disease that affects the lungs, but not pneumonia. […]

Voorburgs Dagblad | Use sleep

The use of sleeping pills and tranquilizers decreased by 4.3 percent last year, the largest decrease in years. The decrease can mainly be seen in the substances for which users have to pay themselves, the Stichting Pharmaceutische Kengetallen (SFK) reports in the professional journal Pharmaceutisch Weekblad. Last year, community pharmacies dispensed a total of 149 […]

Research Results, Cloth Masks Effectively Prevent Covid-19

Cloth mask (Doc. ATS) The researchers revealed that most of the cloths commonly used for non-clinical face masks are effective in filtering out ultrafine particles that may contain Covid-19. – Recent research conducted by Cambridge University and Northwestern University suggests that cloth mask proven effective in preventing the spread of the corona virus, as […]

Why is the flu vaccine important to prevent corona? It reduces the effect of Covid 19 on your immune system .. Infection with both diseases weakens your immunity .. Influenza vaccination reduces the burden on hospitals

At a time when scientists are racing to develop a Corona vaccine, the world is focusing on the influenza vaccine and its importance to mitigate the impact of the Covid 19 epidemic on the world, and with the entry of the winter season, both influenza and Corona virus pose a double threat this winter, but […]

COVID-19 or SARS? A memo appeared about the main differences between diseases – Vesti

The department of guardianship and health protection reminded the Blagoveshchensmen that against the background of the spread of coronavirus, one should not forget about the flu, according to the website of the Blagoveshchensk administration. Experts answered questions about how viruses are similar and different, about risk groups. So they said that influenza viruses and the […]

How To Lower Blood Sugar Levels Through Food

Jakarta: Change mood what happens can be caused by the food you eat. If you experience this, try to eat foods that balance levels blood sugar because a spike or decrease in blood sugar can also affect your mood on that day. And quoted from Elite Daily, here are some foods that can help balance […]

Those with bleeding gums run these serious risks

Almost everyone has found blood on their toothbrush at least once. When this happens very occasionally there is no need to worry. However, prolonged gingival bleeding should not be overlooked. Those with bleeding gums run these serious risks if they don’t solve this problem as soon as possible. The causes of gum bleeding There are […]

4 natural ways to fight migraine … Pay attention to triggers

Chronic migraine is one of the annoying problems that can be eliminated in ways that are far from taking medications and painkillers, as migraines can be eliminated by your diet and your stress levels. Nutrients, sleep, hydration and stress are all common triggers for migraines.“ There are 4 natural ways to combat chronic migraines: 1. […]