Red Bull F1 Sergio Perez “Gets better than expected”[]

Red Bull F1 newcomer Sergio Perez has promised to “exceed expectations” in 2021, the first F1 season with the team. Sergio Perez lost his F1 seat after Aston Martin signed with Sebastian Vettel, but in 2021 he got the F1 seat of Red Bull Honda, one of the top teams. Sergio Perez, who had an […]

British corona mutation: Experts puzzled by Johnson’s statement

The corona mutation from Great Britain is spreading faster – and, according to Premier Johnson, is also probably more deadly. However, experts urge caution: there is still too little data to make a precise statement. A debate has begun in Great Britain about the dangerousness of the new coronavirus variant B.1.1.7. Prime Minister Boris Johnson […]

Crow’s feet: all the strategies to mitigate them

Nature has entrusted the task of making facial emotions visible to the area around the eyes: when you feel amazement your eyes are wide, while contentment forces them to close them. A task that, however, the body pays dearly with expression lines, that is, defined radial wrinkles “Hen’s foot”. They are the first to make […]

Global Fertilizer Pump Market Size, Stocks, Growing Demand 2021 Industry Overview, Revenue Explosive Drivers, Types, Applications and Forecast Report 2026

The global fertilization pump market report effectively defines the market value, volume, price trend and development opportunities. The research report covers each geographic region based on growth rate, macroeconomic parameters, consumer purchasing patterns, demand, and current scenarios in the fertilizer pump industry. The market report also focuses on the fertilizer pump market share, size, trends, […]

Britain’s chief scientist warns of the deadly Corona strain

Our readers are Facebook users You can now follow the latest news for free through our Facebook pageClick here to subscribe Elaf from Dubai: There is evidence that the new strain of Corona virus, which was first detected in southeast England, carries a higher risk of death than the original strain, according to what the […]