Caroline Ailin is behind the hit Don’t start now by Dua Lipa who this weekend won the American Music Awards – NRK

Night to Sunday last week, the prize for the best pop and rock song in 2020 was awarded. Dua Lipa and the song “Don’t start now”, which has ravaged the charts this year, went all the way to the top.

Behind the huge hit is the shopkeeper, Caroline Ailin Furøyen (31), who has been involved in writing the lyrics, along with two other songwriters.

– Oh my God! exclaimed Dua Lipa, when it became clear that her song won the award.

– This is sick! Many thanks to my team, and not least to Ian Kirkpatrick, Emily Warren and Caroline Ailin. I could not have done this without you, she continued.


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Dua Lipa thanked Caroline Ailin from Bodø in her thank you speech during the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

“Do not start now” was nominated along with other monster hits such as Lewis Capaldi’s “Someone you loved” and The weekend “Blinding lights”.

– Oh my God! We must celebrate! shouted Dua Lipa, waving to the camera from London.

– Scary at first

Ailin has previously written the song “New Rules” which became Dua Lipa’s first hit.

– There is no difference between writing a successful song and writing another song. I do not usually notice it in advance, we just have fun and like what we are doing, said Ailin in an interview with NRK Nordland on radio in April.

NRK has not succeeded in getting a comment from Ailin about the collaboration with Dua Lipa, and the award ceremony this weekend.

– Working with such great artists was a bit scary at first. You get scared of not performing, but gradually you get more used and not so scared in the studio anymore, she said at the time.

She usually lives in Los Angeles and works on writing songs about five days a week, and does not see many similarities between the new and the old hometown.

– It is a surreal life over here, but I feel very good and work with new artists and producers every single day.

Ailin was nominated for the fiddler award this spring, in the category «International success of the year»

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