PS5 Price More than Rp. 7 Million, CEO: All Sold Out

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Sony has described the sales performance of the PS5 with a claim: everything has been sold. “Speaking to Russian media, TASS, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan expressed satisfaction with sales that he called phenomenal. PS5 price on the market can go far beyond the official price.

He now admits that he is focused on how to increase supply, including in Russia. “Everything has been sold. Absolutely everything has been sold, “said Ryan, quoted from Tech Radar, November 23, 2020.

Ryan admits that before the launch he spent a lot of time thinking about how to raise the level of demand for the PS5. Now, “As an executive, I spend more time thinking about how to increase supply to meet the demand that’s coming.”

According to the data it has gathered, most of that initial wave of requests came from PS4 owners looking to upgrade. The number is estimated to reach 75 percent until the Christmas holidays. “The remaining 25 percent comes from users of other consoles, or those who are not in the game console ecosystem.”

Currently, Ryan added, there are 114 million PS4 users in the world. That is why, he said, the PlayStation 4 community will still be considered important by Sony until at least 2022 later.

Ryan also admitted that Sony is preparing another launch. This was conveyed in response to a question how Sony responded to service Xbox Game Pass from Microsoft.

Ryan is not willing to reveal it, apart from saying that for the time being, Sony is still relying on the existing PlayStation Now service. He also refused to mention that there was a console war between the two companies. “For me, I am happy that there is competition. I think this is what makes us work harder,” he said.

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PlayStation 5 (PS5) officially launched globally on Thursday, November 12, 2020. This next generation console from PS4 sells for US $ 500 (equivalent to Rp. 7.1 million) or US $ 400 (equivalent to Rp. 5.6 million) without a disk-drive. But on Mercari Inc’s top Japanese market platform, the console sold for over US $ 900 (equivalent to Rp.12.7 million) and sold out.



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