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Capitol. Trump supporter Bison will remain in jail

A federal judge in U.S refused on Monday to release the man who assaulted the Capitol disguised as a bison, baptized in this country as the “shaman of QAnon“.

The magistrate, Royce Lamberth, said in its ruling that this man, identified as Jacob Chansley, continues to pose a danger and cited a recent interview on “60 Minutes +” to justify his decision.

In it, Chansley claimed that his actions during the assault on the Capitol January 6 were not an attack on American democratic institutions and he also said he did not regret his loyalty to the former president Donald Trump.

He also said he had stopped other muggers from “stealing muffins” from one of the Senate chambers.

“The defendant’s statements after January 6 indicate that he does not fully understand the seriousness of the charges brought against him,” the judge said in his decision on Monday.

“If the accused – Lamberth added – does not understand the seriousness of the accusations against him, this Court finds no reason to believe that he would not commit the same or similar actions again.”

The judge also noted that Chansley repeatedly disobeyed the orders of the police officers during the assault on the Capitol, building that he only abandoned when Trump He indicated it to his followers.

Chansley, an adept at the conspiracy theories of the movement QAnon, became the most media assailant of the Capitol since he did it disguised as a bison and got to sit in the chair of the president of the Senate.

Hailing from Arizona and 33-year-old Chansley was arrested three days after the assault on charges of entering a restricted building without authorization and with violence.

Since then he has remained behind bars awaiting trial, although his media interest remained active after demanding that he be offered organic food in jail and refusing to eat for nine days until he was successful.

More of 300 people have been indicted in federal court for the assault on the Capitol.

On January 6, a mob of followers of Trump assaulted on Congress with the intention of stopping the certification process that at that time was taking place in the two legislative chambers due to the result of the elections won by the now president, Joe Biden.

During the assault, five people died, four followers of Trump and a policeman. Two other policemen who participated in the operation during the assault committed suicide in the days that followed.

Trump was subjected to a second “impeachment“in Congress as a result of the assault, accused of the crime of” inciting an insurrection “, but was acquitted of the impeachment with 57 votes against and 44 in favor, since a conviction required a two-thirds majority.


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