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Calls on event organizers to comply more strictly with assembly restrictions The news


Riga, July 11, LETA. The Association of Self-Employed Musicians (PMB) calls on event organizers to comply with national assembly restrictions and report violations to the police.

As LBA was informed by PMB, since April, almost all members of the cultural industry have suffered losses every day due to the bans on gatherings and public events announced in the country. In the opinion of the association, currently there is no evidence that the situation is improving.

“Almost all of them, as it turns out, are such event organizers who are currently allowed to ignore the established requirements for organizing public events, thus promoting the possibility for Latvia to enter an even deeper circle of restrictions,” such opinion was expressed in the association.

The PMB points out that “recent developments in places such as JIP Mārupīte, the nightclub” First Mir “and the Spīķeri quarter” testify to the ineffectiveness of the control mechanisms for restrictions on gatherings announced in the country.

In the opinion of the association, these events reflect the absurd relationship between the state administration and society: the state prohibits public events and announces restrictions on gatherings, as a result of which the work of culture and related sectors is completely stopped, and violators are not controlled, restricted or punished.

The PMB explained that such a situation contributes not only to the possibility of a sharp increase in the number of patients, but also to the formation of a nihilistic public attitude, ie the laws and regulations may be disregarded, as there will be nothing about it.

“But the expected result is, firstly, a complete paralysis of the cultural sector, a significant part of which is unlikely to recover this time; secondly, the development of a socially irresponsible, law-abiding attitude, as what is happening now clearly: only those who ignore public security can survive. , the rules and amendments to the laws announced for the sake of life, “the association emphasized.

PMB emphasized that it is the massive irresponsible and dishonest actions that are likely to lead to stricter restrictions that will affect every inhabitant of Latvia. The association also pointed out the need for the responsible services to understand that the decisions of the institutions will affect the living people, who in the respective situation will be deprived of providing their families with means of subsistence.

The association emphasized that any decision must be made in accordance not only with statistical indicators, but also with the principles of proportionality and logic, and consult with specialists in the affected sector.

The Association of Self-Employed Musicians was established with the aim of defending the interests of musicians. The founders of the association are such musicians as Aivars Hermanis, Guntars Račs, Jānis Lūsēns, Mārcis Auziņš, Ralfs Eilands, Kaspars Zemītis, Evilena Protektore, Raimonds Macats and Valdis Skujiņš.


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