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REVIEW: F1 2020 is a must for Formula 1 lovers


The first to play Formula 1 games since 2009 under the thumb of Britt Codemasters. Although we received a few weak ranks during that time, especially the last two days confirmed that the license is in the right hands. Over the years, there have been close historical monoposts, a development tree, an accompanying Sri F2 or a sign of the story. These and countless other innovations by the cars have supported the regular driving model and playability. The result is a robust seductive system, which gives the series a great advertisement. The latest F1 2020 also continues the positive trend.

Even in the current line, the effort to make the game attract both the world and the experienced game is visible at first glance. The presence of a number of driving aids and a wide range of difficulty settings open the door even with a full load. For example, the speed of the opponents controlled can be precisely set from 0 to 110%. Expanded list of different helpers for this year’s Rozil Casual mode. In nm, the formula is a bit easier to drive. In addition, once selected, all assistants are automatically activated with a single click and deactivated training and qualifications. Fans of arkdovjho one therefore do not have to set anything for a long time, which is very pleasant.

F1 2020

At the same time, their developers did not forget about the game group, for which the steering wheel with pedals is the most popular periphery. In the first place, the brakes were processed. You are feeling a little innj. The brake pad can be applied better, thanks to which it is easier to prevent the front wheels from locking. Force feedback and breeding formulas in quick arrests were also slightly improved. Simplified has affected the ERS system, only now only two modes and is primarily used for short-term power generation suitable for the previous one. The ERS contained two of them, but few were able to fully utilize them.

At the high level remained an artificial intelligence, which will not let anything to you. In duels, I regularly take a defensive track, or a relatively aggressive one. In vypjatch moments, especially after the start, you can’t avoid mistakes and flying off the track.

Fences mm to collision model. He would otherwise spoil the otherwise great atmosphere and close the fights with his opponents. At the moment of contact, the formulas wind in a shear and never again, but they strangely snap into each other. As a result, due to the imperfect model, the damage is most often damaged in front of the forehead or closed. It is not possible to damage any of the monoposts. And I don’t have much to say about the gameplay in this area. The solid foundation of the past short-term works even for a long time.

Followers of Jack Brabham and Bruce McLaren

The Codemasters did not catch up in the hernch mode again this year. You probably don’t have to introduce the updated list of riders and teams for the 2020 season for a long time. According to the accompanying F2 series, the motorsport queen, as in Poland, was supplemented. In its case, it is the darkness and the riders from the losk of the season. New equestrian elephant formula 2 game differently and sometimes after the release. Pibyl is a city circuit in Hanoi and the legendary Dutch Zandvoort. Like real riders, do not visit the German Hockenheim.

F1 2020

F1 2020

The biggest attraction of the current series is undoubtedly the fully new md called My Team. In nm, create your own F1 dark. It will become a match and a seducer in one person. In practice, this means that you will be responsible not only for the results on the track, but also for finances, the development of the monopost and the overall growth and exchange of darkness.

Mana career career in a selection of dark colors and emblems. Then we decide on the choice of the main sponsor, engine supplier and dark colleague. The budget is limited, so you only have to collect young beaks from F2. Even in the water season, there is a threat that you will not be able to reach even better engines from Mercedes and Ferrari. Don’t have a shortcut to stop.

Go before the first race vs. the confession of Will Buxton. By the way, this well-known motoring newspaper also arranges interviews for the fact that F1 has been distorted, as well as its presence in two ways. During the career, come across a good old report Claire from past dl. The structure of the individual interviews did not change. Still answer more about the performance of the monopost or future duty in the ampion. Each of the offered answers can positively and negatively affect the morale of the darkness. time on the answer natst u not limited in time.

Without darkness or frost

With the My Team mode, the number of content connected with the first darkness was not surprising. The development tree itself is not affected by the changes. Following the example of previous lengths, you improve your monopost in the sections of engine, suspension, aerodynamics and reliability. The only innovation in this area is the possibility of rapid development of individual components. The timeframe is to compensate for the probability of failure to determine the development of the branch. You have to change bites like turbo and gearbox once in a while. In the case of a misjudgment of life, it is easy for some tusk to resign during the lead. This element is also known from old ronas.

F1 2020

F1 2020

A fresh novelty is the resentment of breaking up the infrastructure of darkness and managing individual departments. In addition to the sections of aerodynamics, suspension, power units and reliability, which are linked to changing the development tree, they are the driving staff responsible for the marketing and satisfaction of the other rider.

You will distribute your pensions between these sections as you wish and regularly assign them various activities between seductive weekends. Employees are rewarded with faster and more efficient research of individual debts. In this way, the performance of the other rider can be improved or, with the help of good marketing, a suitable sponsorship contract can be negotiated. Although it may not seem large at first glance, it is a complex system that works as a perfect extension to the development tree. In addition, it is clear and easy to understand.

For efficient operation of the whole process, it is important to fulfill the specified wheels in the mandrels. First, he gets a large number of development points. Although they generate a separate one of them, there are bags of thorns for fast progress. If they don’t like it, they can be simulated automatically. Even in this direction, I give the car generously to vbr.

Split-screen is zpt

He gave the game game for one game a classic from the past years in the form of a traditional fast-paced seduction, an ampion, a ride on time and a twelve challenge with historical formulas. You will find a total of twenty starch monoposts in him. One jordan, a pair of benetton and a ferrari from 2000 were added. However, these three pieces are an exclusive part of the deluxe edition by Michael Schumacher.

There are still a few old formulas left and on McLaren MP4 / 4 from the 1988 season from 1990 and 2010. Fousatj formulas in the ele with old lotuses would be in vain in the last year. Thus, the historical regime did not undergo a drastic change even this year and remained only in short events. Some depth of use and the birth of a number of legendary formulas would definitely suit you. So maybe pt.

F1 2020

F1 2020

If, by chance, you are not interested in the darkness at first, you can also enter the classic career in F1 2020, where you will only become the driver of one of the real stations. You can complete your career in Formula 2, where you will complete only a few races according to your preferences, or even the entire season. If you don’t want to fight with F2, you can start right away in F1. The development for this year was fully launched by the first fictional riders Butler and Weber. Nevad, he did not make the pbh combination of only pr cut-scn. Therefore, it is not a very big loss.

The last bit of F1 2020 is also multiplayer, which is evidenced by the continuing emphasis on e-sports. Online session this year rozil split-screen. He last appeared in Sri Lanka in 2014 and his presence vtm with an open nru. With the known name of the external process of microtransaction. For real board you can not buy daily performance upgrades, but only exclusive cosmetic items such as stickers for formulas, overalls or helmets. Perhaps this will not change in the future. You can get a lot of these things at the same time, as well as give financial investments to the blind at present for a great reason.

She’s scattering

Due to the meadows, I didn’t expect the generation of consoles from the technical side. The graphic page confirmed this assumption and remained dark at the same level as last year. A slight innovation of the passage is at least surrounded by the rider. Graphically, it is a standard that will not inspire even insult. I was pleasantly surprised by the noticeably better sound engine sounds. The author managed to record it really long. The elephant commentator also passed the wall.

Overall, F1 2020 is a very successful job. It is clear that even in basic mechanics like any other Kadoron game released from earlier ones. The Codies did a lot of that in a year. They decently improved the successful driving model, after years they drilled into the split-screen, worked on the sounds of the page, went out to meet the more experienced games and, first of all, created a fully new My Team mode.

Therefore, the old ailment as a problematic conflict model and austere of historical forms does not change the fact that it is a great seductive game and again a bit better than last year.



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