‘Burning Sun reporter’ Kim Sang-gyo “Did you watch VVIP that day? Hyoyeon-ah now French”

[사진 김상교씨 인스타그램 캡처]

Kim Sang-gyo, who is known as the informant of the Burning Sun incident, referred to Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon and urged her to testify.

Kim said on his Instagram on the 13th, with a picture of Hyoyeon DJing at the club, “November 24, 2018,’JM Solution X Burning Sun Party’ DJ Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, let’s ask one thing.” Who was the actress who was drunk and drooling, so the two policemen of Yeoksam District couldn’t even get into the club.”

Mr. Kim said, “Don’t you have seen all the VVIPs of the day? Hyoyeona?” “Do you not know who the actress was drunk on drugs that day, and whether he was a friend of victory who beat me on drugs in the club? Now it’s a little blown away,” he argued.

He added, “You choose whether there are dozens of celebrities related to Burning Sun one day or not.”

Mr. Kim said, “I’m still hiding in a house where I’m shooting X and X shots and video. There are few opportunities left. Seungri, son of Gwangju, is only waiting for your campaign day.” He said, “I have all of your lists on my notepad. You will apologize and choose from now on whether to apologize and be forgiven one by one if you know if I will suffer forever.”

Kim is known to be the victim of the assault incident at the Club Burning Sun, and in November 2018, he exposed the allegations of a coalition between Burning Sun and the police.

Reporter Lee Ji-young [email protected]

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