Borissov returns to GERB, tightens party for quick elections (Obzor)

I do not need immunity, said the GERB leader and refused to be an MP – as in 2005.

Keep your promise of the summer and leave all possibilities open

Purifies people who worked for Tsvetanov in this campaign

GERB leader and Prime Minister Boyko Borissov will not be a member of the 45th National Assembly. He resigned, although he was elected by two districts – the 25th MIR in Sofia and Plovdiv.

Borisov announced his decision during a tour of the Rila Monastery.

“Today I submitted an application to the CEC and resigned from my seat as an MP in both multi-member districts, from which I was elected, despite winning the leadership matches.

As a minister-


I have not had

immunity, and now

I do not need it

GERB won the elections in 24 out of 31 districts, and our opponents in 3, 2 and 1. The elections are held in order to form a government and have a stable government, so that what politicians say can be implemented. Let’s respect each other – behind every politician are the votes of many people. My call is not to offend the voters – we are all Bulgarian citizens, “Borissov wrote on Facebook on Thursday morning.

Boyko Borisov

was chosen for


invariably from

40th parliament so far. In 2005, however, as a candidate for NMSS, he refused to enter the National Assembly and remained Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior.

When forming the cabinet of the triple coalition, however, he left this post, and later became mayor of Sofia and founded GERB.

Borissov was an MP only for the slightly more than a year term of the 42nd National Assembly, which was nominated by Oresharski’s cabinet, but rarely appeared in parliament. In part of the mandate, GERB completely boycotted the parliamentary sessions. In the following national assemblies, Borissov was sworn in as an MP, but immediately afterwards he headed his second and third cabinets, respectively.

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Borissov’s current resignation is a fulfillment of his threat from the summer of 2020 to resign from his party and work to tighten the ranks of GERB. This is how his party members explained the prime minister’s decision.

“After the mandate, I am going to lead the party to strengthen our structures, because now we are all on the sidelines, because we are 100% committed to the government and mistakes are made in the party itself. The party’s control itself is lowered because all the people respected by the party are engaged in either ministries, mayoralties or deputies, “Borissov said on July 23, when he announced the change of ministers from his government because they were accused of links to the deputy. from MRF Delyan Peevski. At the same briefing Borisov

vowed not to

is running

for president

Borissov’s promise not to become an MP was repeated several times during the election campaign during jeep tours of construction sites.

Borissov’s first task in GERB will be to tighten the party leadership. The National Assembly of GERB was scheduled for May 11, the purpose of which is

change of


and members of the party’s Executive Committee. This is done in order to continue the metamorphosis of GERB into a normally functioning political force with collective leadership and to further cut the chances for the emergence of a second strongman in the party. This plan of Borisov sounded even during the cleansing of GERB after the replacement of Tsvetan Tsvetanov.

Borissov himself noted with satisfaction on election night that GERB had achieved its fifth consecutive victory in the parliamentary elections as a normally functioning party. “Special thanks to my party, which proved that even without this third, fifth or first person they can do great.

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For the first time

we worked like that

as it should

one works

party –

powerful Executive Commission, powerful structures, maximally engaged “, Borissov addressed his party members on the night of April 4.

However, the ranks of the party must be further purified, the leader was convinced. The criterion will be the election results and people will be removed from places who have not terminated their membership in GERB, but have worked for Tsvetanov’s new party in these elections.

The aim of the party’s tightening will be a more convincing victory in the upcoming new parliamentary elections, which are possible as early as mid-July or August.

GERB will propose a government after receiving a mandate from President Rumen Radev as the first political force, Borissov threatened on Wednesday. This will meet the expectations of his party’s voters. And it was very likely for the first time that GERB would propose a cabinet whose prime minister is different from Boyko Borissov. However, the current rulers are convinced that their project will not be adopted by the National Assembly. However, the expectations were that Slavi Trifonov would not be able to form a cabinet that would receive the support of 121 deputies. And Radev himself is already conducting discrete consultations for a quick convening of new parliamentary elections, to be organized by a caretaker government appointed by him. The offer of the head of state to the so-called protest parties were quick to change the rules of the Electoral Code before calling early elections in the summer, as 24 Chasa revealed.

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In fact, quick summer elections are in the interest of GERB, the ruling party analyzes. Then the activity will probably be even lower than the current one, and the coffers of the other parties will find it difficult to cover the costs of a new campaign, while GERB has a large subsidy. In addition, according to internal analyzes, the party is really on the rise after the collapse of the summer protests in 2020. Its high-ranking members do not hide that they themselves are surprised by the good result on April 4.

With his return to the presidency only, but without appearing in parliament, Borissov left open all other possibilities, GERB is convinced. In this way, his deputies will have the opportunity to claim that they are emancipated and give support for decisions that they consider important. Besides, it won’t be necessary

the conversations

for thematic


in the new National Assembly it will be easier for them to be led by Borissov and the other parties accordingly.

However, the big question mark in the statement of the Prime Minister, with which he resigned from the parliamentary mandate, is the mention of immunity against criminal prosecution, political observers commented.

There are no known investigations against Borissov, and practice shows that the National Assembly lifts the immunity of deputies when requested by the chief prosecutor.

That is why Borissov’s action is read as symbolic. Thus, he shows that he is not worried about any revisions of his administration, for which his political opponents are preparing.


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