Bonuses for all policemen in the RSM who guarded the honor…

All employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, “who on Saturday ensured a dignified commemoration of the 151st anniversary of the birth of the great Gotse Delchev” were awarded with monetary bonuses for their merits. This was announced by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, Oliver Spasovski, on his Facebook profile. you are

“As the Minister of the Interior, I took advantage of the right given to me by the Collective Labor Agreement of the Ministry of the Interior and at today’s meeting I proposed to the government, which adopted a Conclusion on the payment of an allowance of 10% for the representatives of the Macedonian police who were engaged in the field on 4 February,” wrote Spasovski.

After the celebrations for Gotse Delchev: Macedonian interior minister praised the police

Immediately after the celebrations, which strained the relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia, Oliver Spasovski congratulated the employees from all organizational units in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the country “for the professionalism and dedication in the extremely well executed operational plan in the field of security during the celebration of Gotse Delchev’s birthday “.

On social networks, he also shared a video showing the measures to ensure the celebration of the 151st anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev. Bulgaria defined them as redundant and excessive.

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