The study that details which are the most educated and rude cities in Spain

A recently published study conducted by Preply language learning platform, which assesses the level of education in Spanish cities. The study has classified the cities into two lists, one of the rudest cities and another of the rudest cities.

Analyzed behaviors

The following list relates the supposedly rude behavior that were included in the survey questions:

• Be stunned looking at the mobile in public.

• Don’t let people congregate in traffic.

• Do not slow down when driving near pedestrians.

• Being loud in public.

• Do not greet unknown people.

• Watching videos in public.

• Make public speakerphone calls.

• Hermetic body language.

• Not respecting personal space.

• Being rude to people who work with customers.

• Do not leave tips.

• Do not respect the queues.

Tenerife, the most educated city

In the list of the most rude cities, Santa Cruz de Tenerife ranks first with a score of 6.06 out of a maximum of 10 for rudeness. Granada and Alicante-Elche they are also among the rudest cities, scoring 5.95 and 5.81 out of 10, respectively. San Sebastian and Bilbao are also on the list, scoring 5.77 and 5.73 out of 10. Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and Malaga They are also on the list of the rudest cities, with scores of 5.69, 5.64 and 5.61 out of 10, respectively.

On the other hand, the list of the most educated cities includes I live in the first place with a score of 5.17 out of 10. A Coruña-Oleiros-Arteixo and Valencia They are also on the list of the most educated cities, with scores of 5.18 and 5.28 out of 10, respectively. Murcia-Orihuela, Oviedo-Gijón-Avilés and Las Palmas are also on the list, scoring 5.30, 5.31, and 5.39 out of 10, respectively. Zaragoza and Seville they are also among the most educated cities, with scores of 5.45 out of 10, while Cadiz and Madrid are also on the list, with scores of 5.50 and 5.53 out of 10, respectively.

Greater investment in education

This study is important because it allows local and national authorities identify areas where education can be improved and take steps to address these issues.

In addition to the most educated and rude cities in Spain, it is also important to highlight some of the factors that can influence education in a city. For example, the presence of schools and universities high-quality can be an indicator of a well-educated city. In addition, access to training programs continuing education and libraries may also be an important factor.

Another factor to take into account is the cultural environment of the city. Cities with a wide variety of theaters, museums, art galleries and other cultural centers can foster a more educated and cultivated environment. Furthermore, the presence of an active community committed to education can also be an indicator of a well-educated city.

In conclusion, although the ranking of the most educated and rude cities in Spain is interesting, it is important to bear in mind that there are many factors that influence the education of a city. In order to have a complete vision of the situation, it is necessary to take into account both the presence of educational institutions and the cultural environment and the attitude of the community towards education.

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