Body fats that will protect you from diabetes and obesity … Get to know them

Obesity and weight gain are two common reasons for an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Obesity is defined as a condition that develops due to the accumulation of unnecessary fats in the body and the following report provides information on what brown fat is and how it relates to obesity and diabetes, according to a newspaper. TIME NOW NEWS.

The human body consists of different types of fats, and each has a different set of functions. Fats are known to provide the body with heat called fats known as white fats, also known as white adipose tissue. This type of fat mimics energy storage in the form of fatty drops that are distributed and accumulated in parts From the body, however, the excessive accumulation of white fat in the body can cause weight gain and lead to the development of health conditions such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. However, there is another type of fat that is not common but has the potential to protect you from obesity and diabetes.


What is brown fat?

It is a type of fat that is stored in the body along with white fat, but it occupies relatively less space, the amount of mitochondria in brown fat is more compared to its number in white fat because mitochondria are the center of cell power, this property enhances the production of heat after burning calories Through the thermogenesis process, brown fat can help burn calories and may help deal with obesity and other health conditions..

How does brown fat help prevent diabetes?

Brown fat is also called “good” fats and can help improve insulin levels in the body and control blood sugar levels. This can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and also lower the risk of developing hyperlipidemia as the fats are expelled from the blood..

How does brown fat help prevent obesity?

Brown fat helps burn unnecessary calories in the body, so it can help prevent conditions like obesity as well as aid in weight management by promoting weight loss..

How do you get brown fat?

The human body contains very little brown fat, however you can build some of it by following a balanced and nutritious diet, exercising, and exposing the body to cold temperatures..



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