Suspension proposal after red card Aster Vranckx announced, KV Me …

After the tackle and accompanying red card from Aster Vranckx (KV Mechelen) in last weekend’s match against Beerschot, the suspension proposal has been announced. The public prosecutor asks for one match day suspension plus a fine of 1000 euros. KV Mechelen does not agree with this proposal. The case will come before the Disputes Committee on Tuesday afternoon.

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KV Mechelen therefore does not agree with the amicable settlement proposed by the public prosecutor. Tuesday afternoon the case will be brought before the disputes committee. If they confirm the suspension, KV has until Thursday afternoon to appeal.

If KV appeals against the decision of the Disputes Committee, Vranckx can still play on Thursday evening in the make-up match against Eupen (kick-off at 5 pm). The appeal will then be handled on Friday afternoon. If his suspension is reconfirmed there, he will be suspended from Sunday’s game against Standard.

After the right or wrong red card from Aster Vranckx, emotions ran high at Mechelen. All the more because KVM then saw a 2-1 lead disappear and eventually went into the boat 2-3.

Frederik Vanderbiest, who was sent to the stands with a red card from the trainer’s bench of KV Mechelen against Beerschot, also knows his punishment. The public prosecutor’s office proposes to him an amicable settlement of two matches suspension, one match effective, and a fine of 1500 euros, of which 1000 euros effective. KVM goalkeeper coach Stefan Pauwels was also referred to the stands. For him, the public prosecutor asks for one match suspension with postponement plus a fine of 500 euros, also with postponement.

For Vanderbiest and Pauwels, KV did go into the amicable settlement of the public prosecutor. Vanderbiest will therefore not be on the bench on Thursday during the catch-up match at Eupen.

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