“But didn’t she say she was tired of making the Tree?” – Corriere.it

As per tradition, the First Lady presented the Christmas decorations at the White House, the last of the Trump presidency, online with photos and videos through her official Twitter account and on the official website of the White House. Usual scheme for four years now: a video that explores all the decorated rooms of the White House with zoom on the details of flowers and ornaments. Usual choreography: she, the First Lady who walks alone through the rooms and along the corridors, reviews the riot of lights and colors, touches and gives final touches such as scattering fake snow on the branches of one of the large trees. The theme of Christmas 202o is, Melania announces on Twitter, “America the Beautiful”. Designed to «pay homage to the majesty of our great nation. Together, we celebrate this land that we are all proud to call home ». In fact, the leaves and flowers used for the decorations come from the most diverse corners of the country and its symbols are reproduced as decorations: houses, boats, even an electric train (The White House Express Train) that whizzes by and that someone on Twitter wanted to read like the train that takes the trumps.

Decorations in the name of light, red, white and gold, this year in the representative spaces of the White House and the West Wing where a room was dedicated to health workers and all those who are at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19. There are, for now, the ironies of the past years, especially those of Christmas 2018, when the rows of “Blood red Christmas trees” they unleashed all sorts of memes and parodies. Or those of the first Christmas (2017) when the excess of dominant white made comparisons Melania to Queen Elsa from Frozen. Perhaps it was spared because this year’s style appears more “warm” and traditional and therefore more appreciated. The criticisms, however, are the same, only that they concern other topics, rather than the style of the decorations.

There was no lack of controversial responses especially by those who criticize the display of opulence while the epidemic is still raging and the country is going through one of the most critical phases in decades. Or by those who do not forgive them to have restructured the Rose Garden, also known as Jackie Kennedy’s garden, the one overlooked by the Oval Office. But the most stinging criticisms are those of those who took the opportunity to remind everyone of Melania’s outburst secretly recorded (in 2018) by her ex friend and assistant Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, author of the book “Melania and Me” e then shot at CNN: «I do the c..o on all things Christmas, you know, but who cares about Christmas decorations? I have to do it though, right? ” In the light of those words, the video of the First Lady who turns smugly among wreaths and bows appears in a very different light. And if the Christmases at the White House of the Trump era never conveyed a particular sense of warmth and sharing, those audios were only confirmation.

It remains to be found now whether this “Last Christmas” by Melania Trump at the White House is really the last staging of the First Lady in anticipation of what promises to be the divorce of 2021, and for which, according to the rumors of the British and American press, there would already be a ready deal worth 50 million dollars. While waiting. the stocking of Barron (the son of Melania and Donald) exhibited in the video is ready to welcome gifts.

November 30, 2020 (change November 30, 2020 | 18:39)


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