Bloody drama in Norway –

There are several people in Norway were killed and wounded by a man, armed with a bow, AFP reported.

The suspect, armed with a bow and arrow, was arrested by Norwegian police.

He was detained in the vicinity of the Norwegian city of Kongsberg, located a hundred kilometers southwest of the capital Oslo, said AP.

The attacker, armed with a bow and arrow, killed several people and wounded several others in Kongsberg, in southeastern Norway, Norwegian police said.

“Unfortunately we can confirm that there are several injured as well for several killed“said the local police officer.” The man who committed the act was arrested by police. He acted alone, “police added.

Police did not want to reveal the exact number of killed and wounded. It is known that the victims were admitted to local hospitals and received medical treatment.

The motives for the attack, which took place in several places in the center of Kongsberg, are not yet known at this stage. Police did not provide details about the suspect, other than that he was a man who was taken to the police station in the nearby town of Dramen.

Eyewitnesses told Norwegian television that the attacker was walking around the city he shot at pedestrians with his bow and arrows.



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