Biden wants to ‘reunite the US with the world’

The incoming US president spoke at the presentation of candidates for his cabinet. “It’s a team that shows America is back, ready to lead the world, not back off,” Biden said.

Not all appointments require parliamentary approval. Where that is the case, Biden hopes that parliament will quickly consider the nominations. The question is whether that will work. Several Republicans have already disparaged candidates, some of whom were also in administration under Obama.

Arkansas Republican Senator Tom Cotton said Biden surrounds himself with “panda cuddlers” who will be weak on China. His colleague Marc Rubio said on Twitter that Bidens’ well-trained candidates will “politely” watch the country slide.

A number of names of prospective ministers and candidates for key positions became yesterday known. Former Secretary of State John Kerry becomes Special Envoy for Climate Change. Biden again emphasized today that combating climate change must become one of the spearheads of his policy.

Clear way

Biden went on to say that the election process is nearing its end as more states confirm their election results and his team gains access to confidential government information and public money. The latter was long stopped by President Trump. Yesterday he went agreementwithout acknowledging his defeat in the elections.

“I am pleased to have been assured that we will have a smooth and peaceful transfer of power,” said Biden. “And that our teams can prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.”

80 million votes

Biden is now also the official winner of the November 3 election in Pennsylvania and Nevada.

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According to The Cook Political Report he has received more than 80 million votes, a record. With just under 74 million votes, Trump also set a record, but for a losing candidate. Incidentally, votes are still being counted. Biden won 51 percent of the voters, Trump 47.1 percent.

Trump made a brief statement today. He did not say a word about his election defeat or the impending transfer of power, but almost exclusively about the fact that the Dow Jones index above 30,000 points came out.

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