Beta of Intel driver reveals seven upcoming Arc graphics cards

In the list of supported hardware in beta for the Intel driver, the company has happened to reveal as many as seven upcoming Arc graphics cards that seem to be on the way. Something that was first discovered by WCCFTech.

The names of the cards are:

  • Arc Pro A50
  • Arc Pro A40
  • Arc A770
  • Arc A750
  • Arc A580
  • Arc A380
  • Arc A310

Of course, it is not possible to elaborate on any specifications for the cards, but the list confirms Intel’s plans to divide them into a 3, 5 and 7 series. However, the company has never before mentioned anything about an “Arc Pro” series but which nevertheless appears in the list.

Note, however, that only for the hardware listed, there is no guarantee that any of these cards will be released.

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