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Best Consumer Loans for Managing January Costs in 2024: Open Bank, Santander, BBVA, and More

With the new year 2024, also comes the famous ‘january cost‘, the set of price increases, tariffs and rates that rise every beginning of the year and reduce the consumption capacity of households. After the extraordinary expenses at Christmas, families’ room for maneuver in January is smaller. One option to deal with them is to choose a consumer loan.

Los consumer loans They are a type of financial credit aimed at promoting the financing of goods and services. They are not related to home mortgages or car financing, but are used for private and personal expenses such as unforeseen expenses, appliances or trips. Consumer credits are protected and governed by Law 16/2011 of June 24, which applies to contracts in which the entity grants credit to a consumer for their personal needs and for an amount greater than 200 euros and less at 75,000 euros.

The best consumer loans

The best offer is the one that sells Open bank with your personal loan, 100% online and without opening fees. The amount that can be requested ranges from 3.000 euros up to 24.000with a minimum term of one year and a maximum of 5. Your TIN (Nominal Interest Rate) can range between 4,95% (5.06 APR) and the 6,95% (7.18% APR). It is not necessary to be a client and payment receipts can be direct debited to any other entity.

Another very interesting consumer loan that is easily contracted is the one offered Santander Bank. Its amount ranges between 6,000 euros and 90,000, to be returned between 12 and 84 months. It has a TIN of between 5,45% (5.90% APR) and a 11,7%, (13.13% APR) depending on the client’s credit profile. It has an opening commission.

The consumer loan BBVA offers between 3.000 y 75.000 euros to pay between 24 and 96 months. If the payroll is direct debited, 1% of the total amount can be saved. In the case of being a customer of the bank, you can have a fixed TIN of 5.60% for the duration of the loan, while if you are not a customer or your payroll is not direct debited, the rate will be 6.60% TIN. It has no opening fees.

BBVA in turn offers a fast online loan for new clients from 3.000 y 20.000 euros, without commissions or the need for payroll direct debit, although the interest would decrease. It has a 5,60% TIN (5.92% APR) in the event that the payroll is domiciled. Without payroll or pension TIN stays in 6,60% (6,97 TAE).

Finally, the Orange loan of the ING has a TIN of between 5,49% (5,64% TAE) y 12,49% (13.23 APR) for a loan between 3.000 euros (6,000 for new customers) and 60.000. Its processing can be done entirely online and you have a period of between one and eight years to pay it. There are no commissions nor do you need to change your payroll or pension direct debit.

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