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Bára Basiková Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles and Suicide Attempts

“I remember being a crybaby. I had states of unreasonable skepticism, unreasonable sadness. The kids are usually running around the playground laughing and I used to feel anxious and distressed“, she confided Basikova for Sedmička magazine. The singer stands by the fact that her mental problems started before she was born. “My mother didn’t want me as a child. She tried every possible way to abort,” explained Bára, who learned this information from her psychologist.

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Even though she was receiving treatment, the voices in her head didn’t stop. One day, therefore, Basiková decided to silence them once and for all. “I went to Šárka in Prague to a valley where I wanted to eat a lot of pills and drink them down with a lot of alcohol and never wake up again,” she admitted. But the desire to live was stronger in the end. “I realized that this is not the solution and that I don’t want to leave this world,” explained the singer.

She then wanted to try to commit suicide one more time. At the time she was married to Jaromir Pizingera(68), but Basiková described their marriage as toxic. Several other factors were added to this, and self-destructive thoughts returned to the singer. “I was actually considering wrapping it up,” Bara declared. At that time, she was already the mother of twins Anna and Marie (32), and it was the two of them who prevented her from committing the terrible act. It was then that the singer decided to be hospitalized, since then she has been taking special medication and her condition is stable.

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