Balotelli’s sentence to Dayane, Signorini: Why didn’t you dissociate yourself? She: I didn’t understand

After the heated discussion between Enock and Guendalina Goria, it was taken for granted that during the thirteenth episode of Big Brother Vip, broadcast on October 26, 2020, this would be discussed. The two had a fight over the affair they saw involved Mario Balotelli in the early evening of Friday 23 October, during the twelfth episode of the reality show.

Alfonso Signorini to Guenda: “Is yours strategy?”

When the topic was raised in the episode, Signorini asked the competitors to take a stand. In particular, he asked Guenda for an explanation about the times: “There was perfect timing. I really appreciated your words but why didn’t you immediately dissociate yourself? And like you, other women. Why hasn’t anyone distanced themselves from those horrible words? And why this speech was made the day before the broadcast“. But Guenda denied that he took advantage of what happened to get an advantage:”Sometimes I think of self-boycotting because I proceed to my detriment. It was a phrase that had worked inside me. That evening I physically distanced myself from what happened and then it was a party evening between Enock and his brother. Timing is not necessarily the second after. I thought that some time had passed and we could go back to what happened. Then there was a game by Tommaso who highlighted that those who live in this house are very careful about what happens outside“.

Enock: “Mario’s words, what have I got to do with it?”

But Enock defended himself: “But what was I supposed to say? He came up with the subject at a time when it had nothing to do with it. If you talk about it with my brother, what do I have to do with it?”. But then he decided to apologize for his brother’s words. Alfonso then asked Dayane why she didn’t dissociate immediately: “Another thing I didn’t like was Dayane’s attitude. You didn’t object, you didn’t show the slightest reaction. Disassociating would have been much better.” But the model explained that she did not understand what Balotelli had said: “Because you did. At that moment I was so focused on other things that I didn’t understand. Also yesterday I asked Adua what he said. I didn’t understand what he meant. say. Then the fact that you said it is enough for me “, then he attacked Guenda:”I think Guenda did it to ruin Enock’s game, to blame him for something he didn’t do. He knows he is a powerful character“.

The heavy words between Guenda and Enock

Enock Barwuah Balotelli and Guendalina Goria have quarreled over the issue that saw protagonists Mario Balotelli and Dayane Mello. After the words that the player without a team said to Dayane Mello, the brother inside the house was seen attacking by Guenda. She asked Enock to dissociate himself from his brother’s words, but Enock did not accept yet another attack on his brother’s behavior.

How the debate was born

The debate arose from a gimmick by Tommaso Zorzi, who had proposed to take turns being the butler for the others. Enock said: “My mother was a domestic worker, even Andrea Zelletta’s mother, they could feel touched”. Zorzi immediately stops the game, saying that it was just a joke and that it had also been done in previous editions of the reality show. Guenda then attacks, a few hours later, while everyone is at dinner: “As he asked to protect the sensitivity of domestic workers, you should have protected the sensitivity of women by dissociating yourself from the joke of your brother Mario Balotelli”. “Who the fuck are you? Vaffan …”, this is Enock’s reaction. It is therefore logical that within the thirteenth episode of Big Brother Vip, Alfonso Signorini has found a time to talk about it together with his two commentators, the punctual Pupo and Antonella Elia who with their comments are working as propulsion for the dynamics of this game that it will end in February 2021.

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