As the corruption scandal continues: Berbr was taken into custody today. The rest at large

The vice-president of the Football Association of the Czech Republic, Roman Berbr, was taken into custody on Sunday after 1 pm after the decision of the District Court for Prague 6. This was confirmed for by his legal representative Filip Seifert. “I can confirm that the District Court for Prague 6 has decided to take Mr. Roman Berbr into custody. We believe that there are no reasons for this and we filed a complaint on the spot, “he said as he left the Palace of Justice in Prague on Míčánky.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“As for the prosecution, we also disagree with it, we have filed a complaint and we will defend ourselves properly,” said Berbr’s lawyer Filip Seifert, noting that he will no longer comment on the case at this stage of the investigation.

For others, a court decision is pending

“For three other people, the public prosecutor filed a motion with the court to take them into custody. If they are left at large, there is a reasonable fear that they could frustrate the investigation by possibly influencing previously unheard witnesses and continue the crime for which they are being prosecuted, “said Lenka Bradáčová, head of the Prague High Prosecutor’s Office.

In addition to the aforementioned Roman Berbr and Roman Rogiz, a possible detention should also apply to judges Michal Kánik and Tomáš Grimm.

The entire case is in charge of the Ústí nad Labem branch of the National Central Office against Organized Crime, the High Public Prosecutor’s Office is supervising the case and has not yet commented on the individual names.

Referee Kánik has already had one affair behind him

Detainees are suspected of influencing results, especially in lower competitions, and should be linked to an organized criminal group. Referee Michal Kánik, for example, has been soaked in a similar scandal in the past.

Crimes faced by suspects include bribery, embezzlement, acceptance of bribes and impending sentences ranging from 2-5 years, with the penalty for a crime in favor of a criminal organization increasing by a third in its upper limit.


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