Preventing the spread of Aides Aegepty mosquitoes, Kapolres Inhil Instructions to carry out fogging

RIAU24.COM – INHIL- In order to prevent the spread of the Aides Aegepty mosquito, Kapolres Inhil AKBP Dian Setyawan ordered the Inhil Police Health Affairs Section (Urkes) to carry out fogging / fogging in the police office and hostel, Sunday, October 18 2020.

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Kapolres Inhil AKBP Dian Setyawan through the Head of Public Relations Sub-Section AKP Warno said the purpose and purpose of fogging was carried out in the area of ​​the Police and Police Dormitory in Batang Tuaka and Gaung Anak Serka Districts to prevent and minimize the spread of dengue fever which is transmitted through the bite of Aides Aegypti mosquitoes.

“The fogging program is routinely carried out every year, especially entering the rainy season. This activity is carried out to prevent the spread of Dengue Fever caused by the Aides Aegypti mosquito, “said AKP Warno.

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This activity continued Warno, not only for the sake of security within the scope of the police, but also to anticipate the spread of dengue fever to residents around the location.

“In addition to preventing the spread of disease DBD and covid-19, the health team also advised to keep wearing masks, keep your distance and always maintain cleanliness by washing your hands using soap in running water and hand sanitizers to apply health protocols, “concluded Warno.


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