Armed Forces of Ukraine successfully used French self-propelled guns Caesar

Photo: General Staff of the APU / Facebook

SAU Caesar smash the Russian invaders

French technology provides comfortable conditions for combat and makes it possible to act on the principle of fire – maneuver – fire.

Ukrainian soldiers-artillerymen of the Joint Forces grouping have mastered the French self-propelled guns on the Caesar wheeled chassis and are effectively destroying the Russian occupiers. About it informs The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Saturday, May 28.

It is noted that three combat crews from the separate artillery brigade Zaporizhzhya Sich inflicted fire damage on the enemy with 155-mm shells.

“Everything is fast and clear. We arrived at the position, … 50 seconds – “To battle”, range – 22,110 meters, 4-5 rounds per minute, 55 seconds “Hang up”, disappeared! The result – two tanks, two BMD, a truck with ammunition of Russian war criminals,” the statement said.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian artillerymen mastered the new Caesar self-propelled guns in two to three hours. This technique provides comfortable working conditions and makes it possible to operate on the principle of fire – maneuver – fire.

Recall that in Ukraine American self-propelled guns M109 have already arrived. Also, three types of 155-mm artillery are already working on the front line.

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