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Apple’s new M3 series of MacBook Pro and iMac have recently passed NCC certification, which means they are not far away from being launched in Taiwan! However, this series all starts with 8GB RAM, is it really enough?

Although Mac has good performance, users often complain that it is too stingy in terms of memory. The M3 version of MacBook Pro only starts with 8GB RAM memory. If you want to increase it to 16GB, it will cost an additional 6,000 yuan. Compared with other brands, the price can be said is very expensive.

Apple Vice President of Product Marketing Borchers Bob Borchers previously mentioned that Apple and the Windows camp use different technologies, so memory capacity cannot be directly compared. He pointed out that Pinggui uses memory more efficiently, such as compression technology and Unified Memory Architecture. He evaluated the 8GB memory of the M3 version of MacBook Pro, which is close to the 16GB of other systems.

YouTube channel Max Tech Actual measurement of the M3 version of MacBook Pro, comparing the 8GB and 16GB models, actually opened 5 web pages, and then exported pictures with Lightroom Classic. The result was that the 16GB model was one minute faster than the 8GB model. If the number of web pages was increased to 20, The difference is even more obvious, with the output time of the 16GB model being faster than 4 minutes. Using Final Cut Pro to output a 4K ProRES video, the 16GB model only takes 5 minutes and 01 seconds, while the 8GB model takes nearly 20 minutes and 18 seconds.

Foreign media《MacRumors》According to analysis, if you are just browsing the web, editing files, and watching videos, 8GB RAM is indeed smooth enough. However, if you want to advance to professional work such as video editing, 3D modeling, and software development, 8GB RAM is obviously too limited.

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