Apple Prepares iPhone Rental Service of IDR 500K per Month

Apple reportedly set up service iPhone sewa. The rates are said to start at US$ 35 or Rp. 500 thousand per month.

Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman said subscription fees for iPhone 13 can be around US$ 35 per month. While the 13 Pro US $ 45 (Rp 646 thousand) and the model top-end such as the iPhone 13 Pro Max is estimated at US $ 50 (Rp 718 thousand) per month.

“It is possible that the program may include some other services from companies such as Apple One or Apple Care,” it said GizmochinaTuesday (5/4).

A few days ago, Apple was reportedly considering a monthly hardware subscription program that would allow users to rent devices such as iPhones.

Phone Arena reports, the news first circulated at the end of 2019. At that time, CNBC International reports that investors want the Cupertino giant to sell iPhones on a subscription basis.

Apple has an ‘iPhone Upgrade’ program in installments for 24 months. The fee starts from US$ 35.33 per month. Once paid off, the phone becomes the property of the user.

Now, the iPhone subscription service is rumored to be more of a rental program. As a result, the user will never actually own the device.

Apple’s motive behind the program seems to be to generate more revenue. Reports in 2019 indicated that the leasing program would allow the company to generate recurring income.

A typical Apple user upgrades an iPhone every three years. This means they spend about $825 every three years on Apple phones.

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In contrast, someone renting an iPhone could pay $1,260 over three years. This is by calculating the monthly rate of US$ 35 times 26 months.

When a user upgrades to a new model, Apple can sell used devices on the secondary market and make more money.

The advantage for consumers is that they don’t have to pay a big down payment and can easily upgrade to the latest iPhone model every year.

Phone Arena expect Apple to officially announce this iPhone rental program at the end of 2022 or next year.

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