Apart from the environment, distress can also be triggered by factors from within yourself

Liputan6.com, Jakarta Psychologist from Mitra Keluarga Waru Hospital Surabaya Naftalia Kusumawardhani, S.Psi, M.si explained about psychological pressure or what is often called distress.

“There is positive stress and negative stress. We need stress, if we are never stressed we don’t know what our capabilities are, ”he said in a webinar of the Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (Kemen PPPA) written on Wednesday (14/10/2020).

Positive stress is eustress and negative stress is distress that needs to be avoided. Distress is a disorder that causes psychological discomfort for an individual, either by himself or the environment.

“Self-induced stress can occur if the individual looks for problems for himself, such as having very high and unrealistic standards in life. Or he has very high expectations that are difficult to achieve. “

Demanding yourself to be perfect and unable to forgive yourself is also a trigger for self-induced distress.

“If we do something and then regret it, we actually need to maintain our apologies and forgive ourselves first and then others for blaming ourselves continuously as the source of the problem, yes, that’s not mentally healthy.”


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