Another 140,000 Nintendo accounts hacked, totaling 300,000 | NOW

A further 140,000 Nintendo Network ID accounts have been hit in a hacking wave at Nintendo, the company announced Tuesday website. This brings the total number of hacked accounts to 300,000, almost twice as much as previously thought.

Nintendo announced in April that the Nintendo Network ID (NNID) was hit by an attack. After investigation, the Japanese company has reset the passwords of the 140,000 NNID profiles that are now also found to be affected. This also applies to the linked Nintendo accounts.

The attack has allowed hackers to access the email address, date of birth, and the country where the NNID account owner comes from. If the hacker also had access to the Nintendo account, the name and gender may also have been leaked.

The NNID was used for the 3DS and Wii U, but can be linked to the regular Nintendo account. That way, a hacker could also gain access to that account, for example, to make purchases in the digital Nintendo store.

According to Nintendo, the hackers have used data from data leaks from other services to log into Nintendo profiles. This is possible if users use the same password for multiple services. Nintendo recommends that users do not reuse passwords.


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