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Analysis of Hong Kong Fencing Team’s Olympic Qualification Status and Future Outlook

[Sports News]The Hong Kong men’s foil team missed the podium at the World Cup in Egypt on Sunday (25th) and was determined to miss the Paris Olympic team competition. The men’s foil team had to return to the world’s number one. Zhang Jialang can get an Olympic spot. Tickets. There is now only one month left in the Olympic points cycle, and there are only a maximum of two events left for fencers in each sword category for fencers to compete for points. What is the situation of the other Hong Kong teams’ Olympic tickets? This article will give you a brief analysis.

Before updating the Hong Kong team’s Olympic qualification situation for each sword category, let’s first review with readers how to obtain Olympic tickets.

(Picture: Body Road Database)

The points period for the Paris Olympics runs from April 3 last year to April 1 this year. The four highest-ranked men’s and women’s teams in each fencing category will directly qualify for the Olympics. Among those ranked 5th to 16th in the world, Africa, America, The highest-ranked team in the Asia-Pacific region and Europe will also receive a ticket to the team competition, and the eight teams will each receive three individual competition places.

After deducting the swordsmen from each qualifying team, the swordsmen with the highest rankings in each sword category from Africa, America (one person each), Asia-Pacific and Europe (two people each) will qualify for the individual competition. Only one person from each sword type can qualify in this way. For the remaining four seats of each sword type, teams from each continent that failed to pass the above two methods will send one person to compete in the intercontinental qualifying tournament.


Zhang Jialang (Photo: FIE)

Since there will be no more World Cup stations in the next month, and as they failed to stand on the podium at the World Cup in Egypt on Sunday, the Men’s Flower Harbor team has been firmly ranked sixth in the world rankings, unable to catch up with the previous one. China has no chance to qualify for the Paris Olympics through its highest ranking in the Asia-Pacific region. Losing the qualification for the team competition also means that the Hong Kong team will only have Zhang Jialang, who is fighting to defend the title, to qualify for the individual competition in Paris. It is worth mentioning that Zhang Jialang overtook Italy’s Tommaso Marini in points after passing the Egyptian station. He became the “World No. 1” again in April last year. Together with the female heavyweight Jiang Minxi, it was also the first time that Hong Kong had two world rankings at the same time. A swordsman.

As for the women’s team, there will be a Grand Prix and a World Cup in the next month, and each team will still have the opportunity to compete for points to qualify for the team competition. However, the Women’s Flower Harbor team is currently only ranked 12th, more than 60 points behind China, which ranks first in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, there is no hope of qualifying for the team competition. On the other hand, Chen Nuosi, a young player who only turns 19 in the middle of next month, still has a chance to win the individual Competition qualification. However, Chen Nuosi was stopped in the preliminaries of the Egyptian station. Her Olympic points were chased by South Korea’s Hong Se Na. To qualify for the Olympics as the second best player in the Asia-Pacific region, she must achieve better results than her opponents in the remaining US Grand Prix and Georgia World Cup.

Chen Nuosi won the bronze medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year. (Picture: Body Road Database)

Remaining events in foil points period

March 15-17 United States Grand Prix (men, women)
March 19-21 Georgia World Cup (Women)

heavy sword

Female Hong Kong team. (Picture: Body Road Database)

The women’s epee team, which also participated in the team competition at the last Olympics, still has a slight advantage in the Paris Olympic standings, only 5 points ahead of China, which follows closely behind. In the remaining month, there is only one World Cup leg left for each team to compete for team points in the women’s weight class, when China will compete at home in Nanjing. Since the World Cup only counts the best four results, and the top three scores are each 12 points apart, if China reaches the top three in Nanjing, the Hong Kong team must be above China to ensure qualifying. On the contrary, if China can only be in the top three, If it ranks fourth, the Hong Kong team will qualify for the Olympics by finishing at least sixth. Of course, as long as the Hong Kong team ranks higher than China in Nanjing, no matter where they are, they can beat China and qualify.

If the women’s weight loss team loses the qualification for the team competition, the fate will be the same as that of the men’s team. Only Jiang Minxi, currently ranked No. 1 in the world, will get a ticket for the Olympic individual competition.

He Weiheng (Photo: Tilu Database)

In the men’s weight category, the Hong Kong team’s points in the team competition have been about 180 points behind Kazakhstan, which is temporarily ranked fifth in the world and first in the Asia-Pacific region. With only one World Cup tournament left, there is no hope of catching up. He Weiheng currently ranks third in the Asia-Pacific region in the individual competition standings. Although he is 26.75 points behind South Korea’s Kim Jae-won, he still has a chance to catch up since the men’s weight class also has one Grand Prix and one World Cup stop. However, He Weiheng also had to hope that South Korea would not overtake Kazakhstan in qualifying for the team competition, so as to ensure that the “opponent” would remain Kim Jae-won and not Ruslan Kurbanov, who had a higher score.

The remaining events in the epee points period:

Hungarian Grand Prix from March 8 to 10 (men and women)
March 22-24 China World Cup (Women)
March 22-24 Georgia World Cup (Men)


Luo Haotian (left) and He Silang (Photo: Tilu Database)

In terms of saber, neither the men’s nor the women’s Hong Kong team has any hope of qualifying for the Olympics through the team competition. Luo Haotian and He Silang ranked fourth and fifth in the Asia-Pacific region in the individual competition, 8 points and 9 points behind Yousef Alshamlan, the representative of Kuwait who temporarily holds the Olympic qualification. However, there is still Uzbek Musa Aymuratov in the middle. The two Hong Kong players will At the World Cup in Italy and Hungary in March, we will strive to achieve the best results and counterattack our opponents. For the women’s team, Zhu Yongqiao currently has the highest Olympic points ranking.

When a certain event fails to obtain a ticket through ranking, the fencer with the highest ranking will represent the Hong Kong team to compete for the last spot in the Asia-Pacific Qualifying Tournament to be held in Dubai at the end of April.

Saber points remaining events:

March 1st to 3rd Greece World Cup (women), Italy World Cup (men)
March 15-17 Belgium World Cup (Women)
March 22-24 Hungary World Cup (Men)

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