MS Hockey ONLINE: Finland – USA 0: 0. The hit of the day, Latvia celebrates a won victory


Goalkeeper Elvis Merzlikins, who recorded 34 successful interventions, played a large role in gaining three Latvian points. His team then developed a key lead in the second period, in which they scored two goals.

The Latvians lost to the US and Finland in the tournament.

This time, the indiscipline of the opponent facilitated their entry into the match against Norway.

In the first period, the Northerners fouled in the offensive zone three times, but Latvia treated the numbers outweighly. However, the game’s superiority helped them to the goal, in the 15th minute, after Kenins’ pass, the captain Rodrigo Abols opened the score.

Norwegian forward Michael Haga (85) and Latvian forward Oskars Batna (95) in a duel.

The third power play did not work for the representatives of the Baltic state, moreover, shortly after its expiration, they made a mistake during the substitution and Mats Rosseli Olsen equalized from a quick counterattack.

The Northerners continued their indiscipline, and the opponent took advantage. In the 27th minute, Hoff received a penalty until the end of the match, at the same time Trettenes was eliminated and the opponent took advantage of a double numerical advantage thanks to a precise hard shot by Nikolajs Jelisejevs.

Norwegian striker Martin Rönnild threatens the Latvian goal.

He could not score in the continuing classic advantage, but after the end of the power play, the pressure did not stop and Roberts Bukarts added a third goal.

Norway reduced in the 48th minute, when defender Max Krogdahl took advantage of the opponent’s passivity in a signaled numerical advantage. Subsequently, coach Thoresen’s charges formed a shooting advantage, but they did not beat the Columbus goalkeeper for the third time in the power play or in the final power play. Norway therefore has two points in Group B, Latvia three.

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Another Latvian opponent will be the Czech national team on Thursday.

World Cup

Group B 16. 5. 2022 15:20


14:04 Abols (Kenins, Balcers)
27:16 Jelisejevs (Balcers, Jaks)
33:00 Ro. Bucharest (Sotnieks, Smons)


18:41 Rosseli Olsen (Rokseth, Hoff)
47:12 Krogdahl (Nörstebö, K. Olimb)

Merzlikin (Šilovs) – Jak, Zile, Mamčics, Bergmanis, Čukste, Sotnieks, Smons – Abols (C), Balcers (A), Kenins – Krastenbergs, Ri. Bucharest, Jeriners – Marenis, Ro. Bucharest (A), Batna – Dzierkals, Yeliseyev, Smirnov.

Haukeland (Holm) – Johannesen, Lilleberg, Nörstebö, Krogdahl, Klavestad, Rokseth, Kasastul – K. Olimb (A), M. Olimb (C), Rosseli Olsen – Röymark, Martinsen, Haga – Trettenes (A), Jakobsson, Hoff – Henriksen, Salsten, Rönnild – Geheb.

Referee: Frandsen (DEN), Vikman (FIN) – Constantineau (FRA), Kroyer (DEN)

Number of spectators: 8510

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The evening program will offer fans in Tampere the expected duel of the two favorites of the basic group B. The Finns will again rely on a sophisticated defense system, which has brought them success in recent years.

Last year’s meeting in Riga also offered a rather defensive spectacle. Jukka Jalonen’s charges succeeded 2: 1, goalkeeper Jussi Olkinuora performed twenty-nine interventions.

After the victory over Latvia, the Americans unexpectedly fought against Austria. After beating Benjamin Nissner and Paul Huber, they lost 0: 2, but in the end they did not allow surprises.

Kieffer Bellows and Adam Gaudette were among the shooters, and the 18-year-old defender Luke Hughes completed the turnaround in the score at 63:07.

Olkinuora (Säteri) – Hietanen, Lehtonen, Ohtamaa, Seppälä, Vatanen, Friman, Pokka – Hartikainen, Manninen, Granlund (A) – Pesonen, Filppula (C), Armia – Mäenalanen, Rajala, Björninen – Anttila (A), Sallinen, Pond – Innala.

Mann (Gillies) – Megna, Sec. Jones, Schmidt, Peeke, Hughes, Blankenburg – Kuhlman, Lafferty, Watson – Bordeleau, Galchenyuk, Hayden – Meyers, Bellows, Barber – Lettieri, Farrell, Gaudette.

Referee: Mikael Nord (SWE), Marian Rohats (GER) – Jona Merten (GER), Nathan van Oosten (CAN)

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