Alone Joey in Granby forest, the police who came to search for him got stuck : Nattu Visesham

Pathanamthitta: Search for POCSO accused in Vandiperiyar Granby forest on Saturday It was an adventurous trip conducted by the police team last week.

Ranni DYSP P.G. A police team led by Santosh Kumar arrested and brought the accused. It was getting stuck inside. The police team went inside the forest without even knowing the forest guards. Fire force and forest officials to get out Hayam wanted. Even after reaching the premises, the accused who was searched could not be apprehended. The team returned.

Joy is the accused in the POCSO case registered by the Panpa Police in 2020. After the incident, he drowned and escaped from the police net several times. There is an error. In the name of not being able to catch him, the superiors constantly The police team that is investigating the matter is headed by DySP this time. Chillin was coming down.

This time too he was rescued but with the help of the forest guards The police decided to continue trying to find him.

Dysp is an adventure

Vandiperiyar Satram passed into the forest of Mekhalai on Saturday. It’s Sunday morning. Pampa CI Mahesh was also in the team. A group of eight went into the forest where there were many elephants, tigers and tigers. Th.

Satram Bhagatu first reaches the house where Raja is said to have stayed. Chathai DySP said. There were brothers. On seeing the police, one of them escaped. The other person also climbed into the forest around 10.30 in the morning. .

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Walked 12 km through the Kodumvanam. I found out that the shed was built there as his residence. The brother said that going out to the forest is short.

We only had bottled water. At three, Rajan reached the eating shed. There was no one there. When we first went to the house, the brother who came down came here. The suspicion is that the information has been handed over. Mobile phone is also a place where there is no other range. As he could not find the accused, he decided to return. We have to walk back for six hours. The time was dark. The accused’s brother who came to show the way said that there is a cross. It was a steep climb.

A policeman who was with him when he climbed the mountain was disturbed. With experience, first aid was given. There is no phone range to call anyone abroad. Four policemen, including DySP, were guarded for three kilometers. R happened again. When I climbed the steep hill again, I got the range. It was dusk by then.

From there, the police and fire force were informed. Carrying life-saving equipment and exhausted policemen Fireforce brought the controls and lighting for Tum Kieran. He came out of the forest at ten at night.

Shesham Vee assured the distraught policemen that there was no further trouble. The team returned to Thila. No one has experienced such adventure in professional life. Sanghams say. Yesterday they returned to work at Pamba and Ranni police stations. Live in Co-workers gather around to hear their experiences.

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