Alena’s horoscope: Sagittarians to be careful with expenses, new income for Capricorns


Patiently wait for the changes to take place in order to save yourself problems and mistakes due to neglect on the weekend. Do not try to impose your opinion. Don’t just think about money, a lot of money that can be your fantasy if you want to save losses. Business contacts bring you disappointment. The harsh tone in your home would make you feel misunderstood again. Solve the created family problems. Don’t let new quarrels make your life bitter. Find the way to the hearts of your loved one, so as not to deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.


Be sensible from the morning on the weekend and do not take risks. Assess your capabilities correctly. Stabilize your positions. Business meetings will not bring you success, even if you are well prepared. Do not try to cheat, because only with correctness and generosity will you succeed. In the evening be with your loved ones and loved ones. Create a romantic atmosphere. Sexual pleasures will certainly relieve you of tension and erase the fatigue that you have accumulated in excess.


Take time on the weekend to reevaluate the past days and your successes and failures. Avoid obstacles due to participation in risky investments. Difficulties will protect you from mistakes. You may be wrong in your judgment of people. Reap material success by successfully completing a task. Your friends, whom you have imperceptibly turned into enemies, are trying to harm your personal relationships. Luck is not with you. Refrain from innocent flirtations, because you will ruin the harmony in your relationship. You will try to avoid sexual pleasures.


Get ready on the weekend to make changes that you have planned ahead of time. Rely on yourself. Start new activities in the afternoon. Be especially careful. Reap success in the workplace. You enjoy understanding and find support for your ideas in your colleagues. You feel free to spend the evening as you like, but if you are married you are dependent on your loved ones and your spouse. Do not allow them to move away and do not deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.


On this day off, do not force the natural course of events. Despite your desire for contacts, it is better to be at work and concentrate on your work. You must defend your position by all fair means. The talks were not successful. It will be difficult to prove the correctness of your opinion. There is a slight crack in your personal relationship. If you have sinned against your spouse or intimate partner, change your behavior. Do not hurt your loved ones, so as not to deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.


You have a difficult day off, but if you work with your colleagues, success is with you. A change in your mood and behavior will cause enemies to harm you with intrigue. Don’t make important business decisions. Your own actions may turn against you. In your work, rely mainly on yourself. Your personal life is calm. If you do not allow outside interference to become a cause of turmoil, you will preserve harmony and understanding. In the evening, don’t miss the moments with your family and partner if you haven’t created it. Do not deprive yourself of sexual moments.


Don’t expect staggering professional success. You tend to accept any tempting offer that seems profitable to you. You are in danger of wasting the whole day. Concentrate on your main task and turn what you have planned into reality. Combine change with sensible action. Feel free to share your feelings if you want to maintain your relationship with your spouse. You can cause the separation yourself. Do not disappoint your partner with your behavior, so as not to forcibly deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.


Today, even though the day is a holiday, it is in your best interest to stabilize what you have achieved so far and not to ruin your relationship at work. Don’t let them distract you from important tasks. Have business meetings in the morning. In the afternoon, side reasons will prevent you from realizing your plans. Do not make spontaneous decisions. You tend to create problems in personal relationships due to the inability to accept the opinion of your loved ones. Do not argue or show stubbornness, so as not to be without company tonight and not to be deprived of intimate moments and conversations, as well as sexual pleasures.


Beginnings are successful if you do not allow hasty actions on the weekend. Despite the difficulties, your work is controversial. Be careful with expenses to avoid financial problems in the coming days. Conversations at work are successful if you do not impose your opinion and do not argue. Today, unlike your professional successes, in your personal life it is good to take care of harmony and not to allow quarrels. If you have problems with sex, you will certainly be offended and with low self-esteem, but do not look for guilt only in your partner.


New revenues are possible, although not large. Do not rush to make investment decisions on the weekend. They will make you angry because of requests you don’t have time for. Do not rely on a quick truce and do not make promises for later fulfillment of the wishes of colleagues and relatives. Take up your routine duties at work. Don’t rely on change. Carefully analyze everything that happens in the family environment, so as not to harm your personal relationship, if you are married or in love and ready to start a family. If you have problems in personal relationships and sex life, just reconsider your behavior.


The advice of friends or the interference of business partners in your work on the weekend will lead to stagnation. You are about to meet on this day, which can cause drastic changes in your mood and a change in your relationship with your partners. Don’t take any chances. Rely on your intuition. I do not advise you to argue with your spouse about household chores that he should deal with on his own, because you are hurting his ego. You are not ready for sexual pleasures because you want your partner to feel guilty, but you are wrong and you are hurting your relationship.


Work hard because you are woven of emotions and lose your sense of reality in everyday life, especially on this day. Business meetings and communication are difficult. The day is a day off, but because of work you will find it boring. Avoid meeting new business partners and talking to strangers. You have no desire to take on the endeavors you have been considering. In your personal life you are able to create problems due to unreasonable jealousy of your spouse or intimate partner. Do not be surprised if you yourself are the reason to deprive yourself of sexual pleasures.



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