“Al-Khudairi” reveals a type of yogurt that raises fats and harms the heart and arteries… and warns against his tricks to promote it

Al-Marsad newspaper: Dr. Fahd Al-Khudairi, a researcher specializing in carcinogen research, revealed yogurt that contains a high percentage of fat and is harmful to heart health.

He said during a tweet posted on his account on the

He continued: “The important thing is that this Greek yogurt says: Low-fat, and they pass it off as a yogurt suitable for diet and diet (those who are ignorant of its harms praise it) and 10 grams of sugar per package (and the deception is to write 5 grams per 100 ml, meaning 10 per package) and I found that it contains trans fat, which is harmful to the heart.” And the arteries, and raise harmful fats LDL, which plays a role in damage to the heart and arteries.

He added, even a small amount of it is very harmful, and those who claim to eat it as a healthy option neglect one packet a day that contains a gram and a half of trans fats, and whoever eats it daily will have approximately 59 grams of these harmful trans fats in a month!! So pay attention. Take plain, full-fat yogurt without any modifications and modifications as God created it (full-fat does not differ much from low-fat except for a gram and a half of healthy natural fats, and this does not cause concern or obsession).

2023-12-01 00:59:28

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