After Kellner’s dead, the shares of O2 and Moneta fall to the stock market

Shares of O2 and Monety Money Bank fall sharply on the stock market. This happened after the announcement that Petr Kellner, the owner of PPF Group’s investment group, died in the helicopter crash on Saturday. O2 belongs to the PPF portfolio, in Monet PPF should gain roughly a quarter according to Moneta’s securities around 9:30 am lost more than three percent on the Prague market, O2 depreciated by more than one percent. It follows from the stock exchange website.

“PPF is a significant shareholder of Moneta. The shareholders will decide on the further development at the General Meeting in April.

“The PPF Group in Petr Kellner is losing mainly the strategy and vision, which is essentially irreplaceable for its authority, due to its founding foundations. The founder, which PPF certainly developed almost from the very beginning, is, according to him, undoubtedly the biggest challenge that the group in the world history of el. Apple brought it to the state, in which Apple found itself after the death of co-founder Steve Jobs. “In the same way, there are people in the PPF groups who have the potential to ensure continuity and give it development,” Kovanda added.


Before 1 o’clock

Before 1 o’clock

Petr Kellner, the richest of them, is among the five people who died in a helicopter crash near the Knik glacier in Alaska. Be the first to …

Movements on the stock market are very dynamic on Monday after the market opens. At around 9:30 a.m., Moneta lost about 3.5 percent, wiped out losses 20 minutes later, and fell by less than three percent. The telecommunications telecommunications O2 developed similarly, reducing the loss to about 0.6 percent before 10:00.

PPF bought vtinov pod at O2 from Telefnica in Prague at the end of 2014. In January this year, PPF was then fully merged with Moneta Money Bank. For the second time, Moneta received a proposal to open a union with Air Bank, Home Credit and this time with the Zonka emblem. According to Moneta and Air Bank, the largest bank on the Czech market, esk spoiteln and SOB, can be created according to the sweat of clients. The Board of Directors of Moneta unanimously came to the conclusion that PPF’s proposal for the purchase of the Monety share is in line with the interests of the bank and its shareholders. PPF launched the process for the eventual unification of Air Bank, the Czech and Slovak Home Credit and Monety Money Bank in the autumn of 2018, but the transaction was eventually canceled.

The richest Petr Kellner died in a helicopter accident in the Alaskan mountains. Information from foreign media about the tragic death of a ten-year-old entrepreneur was confirmed by the talk of PPF Group investor Jitka Tkadlecov. The causes of the accident, in which five people died, are the subject of the investigation. According to Alaskan police, Benjamin Larochaix, a 50-year-old airman, is among the two air networks. In addition, two of the city leaders and the helicopter pilot, one hunter peil, are killed and are in good condition at the hospital.



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