After being stuck in Peru for seven months, the Japanese may if and …

A Japanese man who has been detained in Peru for almost seven months because of the corona measures has been admitted to Machu Picchu very exceptionally. The popular attraction is closed to tourists but opened especially for Jesse Takayama.

“He had come to Peru with a dream to get in,” said culture minister Alejandro Neyra. Takayama was allowed to admire the ruins of the Inca city accompanied by the head of the park.

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Takayama had obtained an entrance ticket in March. He had only wanted to stay in Peru for a few days, but then the country closed its borders. “This is so fantastic. Thank you, ”he says in a video shot at the top of Machu Picchu Mountain.

The attraction will reopen to tourists from home and abroad next month, the minister said without specifying a date. Then 30 percent of the normal maximum of 675 people per day will be admitted to the UNESCO heritage. “We are still in the middle of a pandemic,” said Neyra. “It will be done with all the necessary precautions.”


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