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The number of corona infections continues to rise rapidly. More than 40,000 infections have probably been diagnosed in the past week. The exact figure will be published on Tuesday afternoon in the weekly update of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). That reported Tuesday last week that it had received 27,485 reports of positive tests in the seven days before. The previous week, the number of infections rose by 19,326, a week earlier, 13,471 corona cases were detected and 8265 infections were diagnosed a week earlier.

In the six days since the last update, the number of infections has increased by 36,499. Between Sunday morning and Monday morning, 6,854 positive tests were registered, a new day record.

Amsterdam saw the largest increase. In the past six days, 3,047 new infections have been registered there. The number of corona cases in Rotterdam rose by 2,406, in The Hague by 1723 and in the municipality of Utrecht by 1219. Other rapid increases are Groningen, Eindhoven, Breda, Zaanstad and Tilburg. Terschelling is also an outlier. The Wadden Island went from 9 to 26 cases in a week, an increase of 189 percent. Schiermonnikoog is the only corona-free municipality in the country.

The number of deaths from corona increased by 114 in the past six days, including ten deaths in Rotterdam and seven in Amsterdam and The Hague. This may include older deaths that have only now been passed on and processed. Last week, the RIVM reported 89 deaths.

The official number of infections was 181,498 on Monday. The 100,000th infection was established three weeks ago and the Netherlands will probably pass the 200,000 infection barrier in a few days.

Amsterdam has the most infections since the start of the outbreak. Almost 18,500 residents of the capital have tested positive. Rotterdam has just over 14,000 confirmed cases and The Hague has more than 10,000. Utrecht has more than 5000 infections. The virus has been diagnosed in more than 2000 inhabitants in Nijmegen, Tilburg, Groningen and Eindhoven. Almere will probably be added on Tuesday. Another 23 municipalities have more than a thousand infections.

Since the start of the outbreak, at least 13,359 people in the Netherlands have been hospitalized for corona infection. 6,596 people are known to have died of the virus.

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