AA Rahim MP and M. Swaraj guilty; He was sentenced to one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs.5000

Thiruvananthapuram∙ CPM state committee members A.A. The court punished Rahim MP and M. Swaraj. Punishment is one year imprisonment and fine. Thiruvananthapuram 1st Class Judicial Magistrate’s Court gave the sentence to four. The court granted bail to both of them. The order belongs to Magistrate Shweta Sasikumar.

The case is that the police broke the barricade and vandalized the vehicles during the conflict during the assembly march. There are ten accused in total. Swaraj and Rahim are accused six and seven. According to IPC section 332, the punishment is one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs.5000.

One has to pay a fine of Rs 1000 as per IPC Section 143, Rs 1000 as per IPC Section 147, Rs 200 as per IPC Section 283 and Rs 500 as per KP Act.

The incident took place on the evening of 30 July 2014. Both had obtained a verdict from the High Court that the case should be disposed of quickly. A case was registered by the museum police.

2023-12-02 11:03:33
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