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▲Recently, it was reported in the UK that someone found something suspected to be a Chinese prisoner’s card in the sleeve of a newly purchased British brand coat. (Photo/reproduced from The Guardian)

[NOWnews今日新聞] The clothing brand “Regatta” headquartered in Manchester, England, recently reported that a customer reported that she found something that looked like a Chinese prisoner’s ID card in the sleeve of a newly purchased coat, which made her feel “very uncomfortable” and questioned whether the brand was also involved in China’s Forced labor, and after an investigation, the company claimed that this was an “isolated incident committed by a former employee” and emphasized that there was no indication that prisoners were used for labor in the brand’s factories in China.

according to“Guardian”According to reports, a woman in Derbyshire, England, took advantage of the Black Friday sale to buy a waterproof women’s jacket online. After trying it on after the arrival, she discovered that there seemed to be a hard rectangular object in the right sleeve. After cutting it open, What looked like a prison ID card dropped out, with a height chart on it, a man in prison uniform, and even the name of the prison.

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The female customer then reported to the Regatta customer service staff, who was also surprised that this was the first time she had seen it. When she asked if the suspicious ID was a prisoner identification card, the customer service staff replied: “No, this is a job for China. The identification card comes from our factory in China. But you are right, it does look like a prisoner identification card.” Then he asked her to throw away the identification card.

The woman said that Regatta is a British brand that can be worn by both adults and children, but this happened to her, which made her feel quite uncomfortable. Later, she also received an email from Regatta, asking her to return the suspicious ID and jacket, and they would give her a brand new one. However, she refused this offer and threw the prisoner ID card into the trash can. Picking it up: “I know it’s legal in China and we have different standards, but you still wouldn’t expect inmates to be making the clothes.”

A Regatta spokesperson said that it takes customer reports very seriously and has immediately begun an investigation, emphasizing that the brand has zero tolerance for forced labor or prison labor. After a thorough investigation, it was proved that the clothing was produced in a “fully compliant” factory and was on-site. No violations of company policy were found, it was an “isolated incident” involving a former employee of the factory, and there is no indication that prisoners were working at the factory: “We are continuing to investigate how the item was sewn onto the garment.”

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Regatta claimed that judging from the photo shared by the customer, the document was dated 2022, and the company’s payslip showed that the person in the photo had signed an employment contract with the factory and was not forced to labor or work as a prisoner. . He was employed at the factory from March 2023 to June 2023, and the coat was produced during his employment and shipped from the factory in July 2023 (one month after the man left his job).

The report pointed out that this is not the first time that handwritten messages from Chinese prisons have been found inside products. In 2019, a 6-year-old girl found a message for help written in English in a charity Christmas card sold by the large British supermarket chain “Tesco”. The content of the message is: “We are a group of foreigners imprisoned in Qingpu Prison in Shanghai, China, and subjected to forced labor. Please help us and inform human rights organizations.” In November this year, the German and French public television (Arte) also broadcast a documentary, Mentioning that someone once found an unnamed note written in Chinese on a pregnancy test kit purchased in Paris, which read: “Dear friend, do you know that your peaceful life depends on a group of Chinese prisoners?”

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